Korean Drama List – Currently Watching Part 1

Currently watching: (My Korean Drama List)

I’ve been searching for a really good kdrama online to get lost in for a while now. After My Ahjussi, it’s been really hard to watch other dramas but I’m happy to say I’ve been on the road to recovery! 😀 So for anyone stuck in the same rut as me, here are some kdrama online that I’ve found really interesting. This is my korean drama list for this month which includes different genre. It helps that there are LOADS of upcoming korean dramas that seem to be really promising and definitely has my attention.

For those who want to get an idea of  what to watch next, here are some of the dramas I am currently watching. Hopefully there’s something in here that grabs your interest and whisk you away once again:

  • Life – On hold at the moment. I initially wanted to watch it because the premise sounded great. So far, Im up to ep. 4. Preview for the next episode made me a bit reluctant to carry on, saying that I will definitely still watch it. Good thing it’s at ep 12 in Netflix now, no more waiting around! Plus the cast alone definitely made it into my korean drama list to watch, no doubt.

2018's korean drama offering - LIFE

  • Lovely Horribly – This is one kdrama I  was kind of looking forward too. I say kind of because I didn’t really felt excited about the male lead Park Shi Hoo. Im into the supernatural/ghost stories though so whatever happens I had the intention of keeping up with this. I am such a rule  breaker – I have always stuck at not watching dramas until they were completed or atleast almost finished, the agony of waiting! I couldn’t get into other dramas especially after My Ahjussi/My Mister so I decided it might be better to see this whilst it’s ongoing, to keep it fresh, in my mind.  Does that make sense???
    • PS: There is SO MUCH supernatural/ghost stories lately or that are coming soon in kdrama world, I am most definitely on board!


  • Secret – one of the older dramas from Jisung and Hwang Jung Eum. I LOVED Kill Me Heal Me but for some reason, this one didn’t interest me at first. It gave me a dark vibe, one that didn’t really pull me in. I never thought I’m one for the melodramas, but with my choice of dramas this year, I am proving otherwise. It’s good to mention that those dramas didn’t feel like they were going to be heavy (My Ahjussi, Just Between Lovers).
    • I keep seeing this on Netflix, with the  deluge of Korean dramas on there now, I finally gave in and started episode 1. Surprisingly, it’s the first drama in so long that really hooked me from the 1st episode. Even the previous dramas I’ve mentioned didn’t do that. Out of habit and because I was still a bit hesitant about this, I went to MyDramaList and I was so relieved to see the ratings. I honestly didn’t want to waste time on sub par dramas- imagine investing at least 12 hours of your life on something not good. So I’ve got to say so far so good! Watching kdrama online definitely has gotten easier.


  • Scholar Who Walks The Night – this drama was a drama I’ve started when it was airing in 2015. Can you believe it? It’s been three years since I’ve started watching Scholar Who Walks the Night. I clearly remember stopping at episode 8 because that was when I started seeing negative articles about the drama. It definitely suffered some production problems – I can remember there was an article on it saying that they’ve changed or added production/ PD members? And also about Lee Yu Bi’s acting. Which for me was complete nonsense. I went in this drama not knowing anything about it. It was actually my sister who wanted to watch Scholar Who Walks the Night. But it was me who ended up watching instead. Lee Jun Gi, needless to say, is amazing. This is actually my very first Lee Jun Gi drama.
    • I absolutely fell inlove with the the story. I’m so happy I gave it a chance without looking up comments. I wasn’t expecting anything and I loved what I got. So now, I’m going to finish it. Thanks for the FMVs. They made me want to pick this drama up again. And I forgot it was actually quite a long drama at 20 episodes. I thought it was only 16 episodes long.
    • It makes me so happy that I still feel the same way I felt about watching this kdrama online as I did three years ago. I still remember the story and the emotions are the same as back then. The OSTs I love, listening to them once again gives me all sorts of emotions. It’s funny how the more I grow older, the length of years seem shorter too. When I was younger, I felt three years is an extremely long time, I still do, but in a sense it also doesn’t feel like it.

korean drama list - Scholar Who Walks the Night

It’s alway nice to have something to go back to when you’re in stuck, so even if you don’t watch any of these now, having a korean drama list or any drama list to refer to is really nice. It just gives you an idea of what you felt at the time. I always enjoy going through other people’s write up of their Korean drama list they recommend. It’s really nice to see different perspective and it just broadens your thinking even more.

P.S. – Secret korean drama recap is now out. Review coming soon!