Kdrama List Part II – Currently Watching

KDrama List Update II

It’s been some time since my last KDrama List Update. So to put you up to date with what I’m currently watching – here’s  a post:


First off though – let’s start with the update of what happened with my previous Kdrama list.


Kdrama List – Korean Dramas I’ve finished:

So I’ve finished a couple from what I had on my list last time (I had four on my Kdrama list):

  • Secret

    • I’ve  finished this one about a month ago. This one I’ve binge watched over a couple of days. It’s a heavy tragic filled drama – one that draws you into their world. Once I was in it, I couldn’t stop watching. I’m glad I watched this finally after seeing it on Netflix for so long. It was worth the watch – the characters were well played and it’s very nice to see Ji Sung and Jung Eum’s collaboration once again. This one actually aired first before Kill Me Heal Me (one of my all time favourite dramas) and wow, such a drastic change of their roles. I’m glad they had that reunion project to make up for all those tragic feels here.
    • I am also happy to discover Lee Da Hee and Bae Soo Bin. The four of them really carried the story – where it unavoidably kinda went into circle at the last few episodes.
    • I enjoyed it and though it’s not my favourite Ji Sung portrayal – it’s still worth a watch. Especially with the amount of tears Jung Eum cried in this drama. By the end, I was felt feeling very emotionally exhausted along with her.
    • My review and Korean drama recap is out if you’re interested.


  • Scholar Who Walks the Night

    • Finally!! Three years after I started watching this, I finally made it to the finish line.
    • This one by all means isn’t a bad drama – back in 2015 when it was airing, it sadly received loads of negative reviews. I was on the opposing side – I saw the first episode and fell in love with it. Watching it whilst it was airing though really influenced my decision, thus, stopped halfway in the story.
    • I’ve finished this one about a few weeks ago and have been planning on writing a review about it. I want to be in the right mood for it though and don’t want to write a half hearted review.
    • I LOVED this drama and I’m so happy I picked it up again. Lee Yu Bi and Lee Joon Gi together I was so happy to see. Lee Yu Bi’s character here pleasantly complemented Joon Gi’s. Their romantic scenes are some of THE best ones I’ve seen in all of Korean dramas. They were so simple but so heartfelt.
    • I can now see the reason why there’s sooo many people who love Lee Joon Gi – he truly carried the story along and has put his best efforts in this drama.
    • And if you want something of a decision maker – I DIDN’T notice the length of the episodes AT ALL. I was so engrossed in it each episode felt so short. I was surprised it’s actually 20 episodes – it didn’t drag at all.
    • So I guess that’s enough of a statement to know how I loved this drama. It hit all the right feels for me and just delivered the right feelings without getting too overcomplicated. I loved the historical setting. I REALLY REALLY RECOMMEND THIS!!


Kdrama List – Korean Dramas I didn’t finish:

  • Lovely Horribly

    • Hmm I got up to I think episode 6 or 7 in this but sadly nothing happened to redeem it for me. I’ve seen quite a lot of people enjoying it so maybe it’s just not the right time for  me to watch it. I really, really wanted to like this. The premise sounded so great and just what I thought I’d like – sadly the execution didn’t do it for me.
    • But hey, who knows – I might pick it up years later like I did with SWWTN.


DIsclaimer ; photo/fanart not mine. I give full credit to the owner of this photo, though I do not know who she/he is.


  • Life

    • One of the dramas I was really looking froward too as well. I managed to watch until episode 4 but then I just didn’t quite like where the story was heading. This was written by the same writer who wrote Stranger or Secret Forest. I tried watching that too but I felt bored. MINI SPOILER!!  Stranger was focused on one crime and Life seemed to be the same. END SPOILER 
    • So yes when I saw that it’s more of a political drama in a medical setting – I just went off of it. I couldn’t watch it anymore.
    • But ofcourse that is my personal view and doesn’t at all mean that the drama is horrible. So if you’re a fan of Stranger, Lee Dong Wook and Cho Seung Woo who also starred in the said drama – do give it a try!
    • I was also excited for Won Jin Ah – I loved her in Just Between Lovers.

Kdrama List Part II


Now it’s time for the real update! If you’re curious as to what I have on my Kdrama List or what I’ve been watching currently (or at least tried watching) then please read on 🙂 :


  • Beauty Inside

    • It’s always nice to be surprised and end up liking a drama more than you initially thought. This is a drama I’m enjoying the most at the moment. It’s a Korean drama adaptation of the Korean film with the same name starring Han Hyo Joo.
    • I wasn’t exactly excited when they first announced this – I was a bit apprehensive and really thought if they’d do a good job at keeping it interesting – so far they really are delivering. Great choice with the female lead, Seo Hyun Jin is reallyyyyy good! And Lee Min Ki too. It’s my first time seeing him in a drama and I’m really liking his character and portrayal.
    • To give you a bit of a back story – in the movie, it was the guy who’d change personas, every night when he goes to sleep. In this adaptation though it’s the other way around. Seo Hyun Jin is having to face her self changing into different people – once a month, for a week. Lee Min Ki is our rich heir to an airline company with a condition called prosopagnosia or “face blindness” caused by an accident. His illness makes him unable to recognise faces – even his own family.
    • My First Impression here.
Who would’ve thought they’d look so cute together? I seriously love it when they come on screen
  • 100 Days My Prince


Kdrama list second update - 100 Days My Prince

  • This one just keeps breaking ratings record every week! D.O. is amazing in his acting and really suit a crown prince role. He’s sooo good in his portrayal. The cinematography, the fight scenes and the characters. It’s all a delight to watch. Balanced with humour from outside the palace to the seriousness and hostility inside – this one has everything.
  • I can’t wait to watch more and as we’re quickly getting to the end – things are definitely heating up and is delivering more of adrenaline inducing feels. Although I’m not all too  satisfied in the middle of it – it’s still good and the actors’ performance especially D.O. is great. So Let’s see how this all concludes.


  • Terius Behind Me

Terius Behind Me (Kdrama List Update)

    • I don’t know about this one. I can’t get past episode three. There’s just some inconsistencies here and there and unbelievable plot. SPOILERS I didn’t know there was a comedy tag here and that it would take up most of the story so far. The placement of it all just doesn’t click and it feels a bit off. END SPOILERS
    • I don’t mind comedies but I feel like you should at least know when to take things seriously. It’s still early days as I’ve seen only those few episodes but it honestly put me off from watching. Even if it’s So Ji Sub. That first episode was amazing. If only they take things seriously when they need it to be serious then I would be able to like it more.
    • Ahhh, I just hope it picks up later on.
      • MINI RANT: SPOILERS!!! So I was trying to watch episode three, there was this scene where our main female lead gives her twins a nose kiss and then seemingly reaching up to Ji Sub mistakenly too. It felt like such a failed attempt at creating chemistry. I mean instead of feeling excited about it, it just feels wrong. She’s just been widowed, from what it seemed, like a couple of weeks ago, even less. Come on now. And I was surprised that the husband only died recently. I mean it would’ve been more acceptable if he’s passed a few years ago. Our female lead would’ve had her time to grieve and mourned and move on. But with this kind of timeline – I’m not so sure. It complicates the story in my opinion. I might be speaking too much ahead of myself since I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, I’m hoping they (the writer) redeems herself and make things more acceptable. The romance right now wouldn’t be believable, you know. END SPOILERS/RANT
      • Even his babysitting job isn’t convincing me to stay 🙁
  • Children of a Lesser God

    • This one – so far so good. But the only problem here is the SUBS. That’s been the main complain for other watchers too. Apparently it’s because Netflix has acquired the license for this but it’s been months since it aired and it’s not on Netflix yet. I really wanted to watch it as well. I’ve seen a handful of new Korean drama additions to day on Netflix so fingerscrossed they’ll release this soon.

So that’s it for now! It’s strange that all my currently watching dramas are dramas that are airing at the moment. Usually, Id wait for a drama that’s at least closed to finishing before I watch them cause I do not like waiting. But recently, dramas have been receiving a bit less love or have turned out unsatisfactorily so by the time I get to them, I’m not so inclined to watch them anymore. 


Is there any from the above you’re watching too? Any recommendations? Or did you end up loving the ones I’ve dropped?