Currently Watching: February 2019 Update

currently watching: february 2019 legal high


Currently Watching: February 2019 Update


Currently Watching: February 2019 kdrama update


It’s a while since my last update. How has your start of the new year been? Drama wise, mine started off really well! I’ve watched quite a few dramas already and considering we’re only coming to the end of February, it’s definitely looking up. Without further ado, here’s my Currently Watching: February 2019.


Here’s the list of what I’ve completed so far: 👍

  • Hymn of Death starring Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun, Hymn of Death or Death Song is about a tragic true story between a playwright and a soprano singer at the Japanese colonial era in Korea.
  • Rooftop Prince – an oldie but a goodie! True classic of a a story highlighted by the leads’ amazing acting and funny yet heartbreaking love story. I fell in love with both Han Ji Min and Park Yoo Chun.
  • Memories of the Alhambra – an ambitious and wildly imaginative SciFI Kdrama – it wasn’t perfect but I loved it. GREAT execution.
  • Kingdom – a Netflix original featuring Ju Ji Hoon and Bae Doo Na. Simple plot but well executed without the unnecessary frills. It’s what it is – a story about zombies but it was done right and had me flying through those already short six episodes. *highlight for spoilers (Definitely will be watching for the next season)
  • My ID is Gangnam Beauty – Because I wanted to try some of last year’s hits, I checked out what the buzz is all about with this one. Lighthearted at its core but heartwarming central theme and message despite the fact it carried highly sensitive topics. Very simple story but it worked.
  • Hand: The Guest – I was left impressed. This was already on my watch list and I’ve held on watching this whilst it was airing for the reason of binge-watching later on. Several dramas later and finally, I got to it! I’m so pleased I’ve managed to watch this alone considering the genre and every episode lived up to that. Tying in with Rooftop Prince, this had me writing about it in the middle of the night and completely waking me up from my sleepy mood. I haven’t felt like that in a drama for so long. I love the trio so much! My review coming soon.


Currently Watching: February: Drama/s I’ve dropped 👇

As much as I TRIED and really wanted to love this, at the moment, it just isn’t for me. I managed to get up to ep 11 before I really decided it’s not doing it for me. Intriguing and very interesting first two episodes but sadly I found the following ones a bit too contrived for my liking. I’m really trying to not have much dropped dramas this year (especially considering I made it more than halfway through) but I’d rather spend that time on something I’d truly enjoy. I hate to be the odd one but if it doesn’t click, well what can you doooo.



Currently Watching: February: Drama/s I’m currently watching or want to watch 📺


  • Player – On hold at the moment. One of the ones I very much wanted to watch but not in the mood for at the moment. I’m coming back for you though.
  • Legal High – Read impressive good stuff about this despite it being underrated and heavily compared (and in not so good light) to it’s J-drama predecessor, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

currently watching: february 2019 legal high

  • Haechi – Impressive first episodes. I’m intrigued and this really got me looking forward to the rest of the drama. A great team of actors and characters with great personality to match, it’s quite a refreshing drama mixed with comedy, tragedy, hardships and royal politics. Great for those who’s looking for another proper historical dramas.



What I’m looking forward to:


The Light in Your Eyes is giving me My Ahjussi vibes with the way the story seem to be going. I haven’t watched it yet because I’d love to watch it all when the episodes are all up but from what I heard and the trailers I’ve seen, it’s going to be one heartfelt drama. This confirmed it when I saw a tweet comparing this to My Mister so I got even more excited. The premise is certainly very interesting.


Touch Your Heart much anticipated reunion of the Goblin couple, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, this is a light hearted rom com at its best. With a slew of quite heavy dramas, we all need something like this drama to even everything out. And I’m definitely in for that plot 🙂


that’s it so far for my Feb Update. How’s your year going so far?



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