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Beauty Inside Kdrama Update


CAN I just say??? WOW. This drama is sooooooo much better and deeper than I ever expected.


The fact that they managed to do something like this from just a movie adaptation? It’s amazing. This scene with the old man – how heart-wrenching. I didn’t like Do Jae’s character in the first episode but that look in the end – I could definitely see the love. I can just go on and on about the things I loved.


I love Kang Sa Ra. I love how they managed to give equal screen time to the characters and to our two couples. I was so curious to what would happen to Sa Ra and Eun Ho and they didn’t fail to quench that curiosity. They definitely know what they’re doing and where they want this to head – at least that what it seems like.


The plot was never lost or consumed by one storyline – it delivered what it wanted to and then moved on to the next one flawlessly.

AS to how they managed to transition from the death of Se Gye’s mother to life after her – it was dealt with no carelessness.


And also I like how they’re tackling prosopagnosia. At first it seemed like a convenient plot device but as we go on deeper to the story – it was proving SO much more than that. I’m happy and content with what I’ve seen so far.


Beauty Inside Kdrama Update


All the characters are lovable. I love Sa Ra and Do Jae’s sibling relationship. That was treated with so much carefulness and fragility. And ofcourse with Eun Ho’s arc – the team are just hitting it right every spot they tackle.


Honestly the trio’s friendship is more than I could wish for for myself. I know it’s a drama and isn’t to be compared to real life – but if only you have people in your life who share the similar thoughtfulness/sentiments like Se Gye’s friends do, you’re set for life. I always enjoy seeing them together. Just drinking with each other.


One more reason why I love this – it never gets to the point where you feel a bit sick seeing the couple being lovey dovey together. There’s more to their characters than just their love interests. I love that. That makes the story so solid and more than just a romantic drama.


I cannot wait for the next episodes. I can’t believe we’re down to the last four 🙁 I’ll certainly miss them and most notably Kang Sa Ra (Lee Da Hee). After seeing her act in Secret, I’m so happy to see her playing a different kind of character. I definitely love her in this. She’s like a living Barbie doll. So so stunning!


And Ahn Jae Hyun – this role suits him soooo sooo well. I love him in this. All of them are spot on guys. SPOT ON.


Now, I have to finish 100 Days My Prince. Why is it that when a drama finishes, I tend to put off watching it and go for the airing ones insteas?  Way to make my life more complicated =.= And also I really feel it kinda went in an underwhelming tone. Just me? I think so. This drama definitely did very well – it surpassed 14% for its last episode (that’s AMAZING for a cable drama, they’re usually in the 2-8% range which is like a really good ratings). But yes, I’ve got 1 episode left to go and I’m happy I’ll finish it soon. (My first impression here)


What else? Oh. Lovely Horribly. That’s another disappointing drama :(. The premise of that really sounded good on paper however, for me the execution was a bit of a fail. Not because the actors weren’t good – it’s about the flow of the story.


So yes guys that’s about it for now. I cannot wait to watch the next episodes of The Beauty Inside and looking forward to watch Player next. Also, I’ll be uploading my Korean Movie review of The FluI’ve done that weeekks ago but somehow I’ve forgotten about it and it’s still stuck on my drafts. Not good.