My Mister/ My Ahjussi Review (Age Gap drama genre)

Ahjussi korean drama

mymister- an age gap drama twist

Ahh, My Ahjussi korean drama – an age gap drama surprisingly met with so many criticisms.

I don’t know how to start. Looking at other bloggers’/reviewers’ post, it all seems too easy until you do it yourself. It needs so much effort. Hats off to you.

To begin with, My Ahjussi felt more of like a side drama to me when I first heard about it. It is an age gap drama and the premise of that plus IU being in it made so much buzz before it even aired. You know when you have something that you like enough or sounds interesting enough that you tuck it in the corner to discover later on. I didn’t want to get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed.

That being said, I didn’t really follow the development for this drama so I wasn’t into the controversies surrounding it. Singer IU is obviously very popular in Korea and I’m well aware of her. I’ve only listened to Palette and stumbled upon her duet with Psy of What Would Have Been?  I loved her voice and loved both the songs but that’s about how much I’ve seen of her. Have never seen any of her previous works and honestly, I don’t care if it’s an idol actor or whatever. If she can act then there’s no problem at all. I hate being drawn too much because then you get to know all the bad — too obsessive fans, scandals and controversies.

Like her Lolita controversy. I don’t know anything about it and I’m not interested. I like to listen to her songs solely because I like them and they are nice to listen to. In the world of Kpop, it can get a bit toxic sometimes. Mix all of those together, plus this age gap drama, then you get a very bad reaction.

People get too invested

(Me included, duh, I’m still not over this drama as a proof lol) and the result of that often isn’t pretty. So when I heard that they toned the drama down and addressed it at the presscon, I was a bit disappointed. I was excited about this drama and the premise sounded great to me. It’s unconventional and seemed like one of those dramas that would have a world of their own. The teasers also made me excited about it. I wasn’t bothered about the age gap too. I felt like I trusted the team enough to make it classy and not cheap. Actually, it was this premise that drew me to it.

How were they going to make an age gap drama like this work? And also, there’s loads more age gap drama e.g. like Goblin, Marriage Contract (I know that the premise of the drama had a big thing to do with the reaction as well). But it’s just so sad to know that issue has affected it so much to influence the drama. Anyway, after everything, all was said and done. We just had to watch the drama. I just have to say though that by the time this drama ended, I was left so amazed by their chemistry. SO much so that Id really, really, really, love for them to work together again, at least one more time.


  • First few episodes – I felt a bit disappointed and confused. I didn’t really know what to expect but it surely wasn’t an office setting. IU barely had any lines too. There was just many scenes but nothing that would really tell you what the story was about. I held on because I knew you can’t really decide on the first ep. You know when you feel something is just going to get better? That’s it. PLUS, they didn’t have much scenes together in the beginning.
  • All throughout the show Ive NEVER seen a glimpse of IU. It was just Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon was Park Dong Hoon. The cast owned their characters. I never felt that this was Lee Sun Kyun acting but rather, it felt like I was watching them live their lives. Like experiencing it with them. Others have said that they felt like it was a journey.
  • Ji An’s dedication – I loved how she did everything she could for DH. I loved her honesty. Everyone who asked her if she liked DH, she answered all of them with a yes. NO hesitation.
  • Their love for each other – I watched this show, I’d say in maybe, four days? But the thing was I kept watching because I wanted to see more. I wanted to get to the end as soon as possible. Everything unfolded so beautifully that I couldn’t wait for the final episode. But I remember thinking to myself that even if they said at the presscon (IU said) that they weren’t making a romance drama but a healing one, I still thought that even if they said I love you it wouldn’t have felt out of place. Because you felt it soooo much in the drama. It was amazing. The fact that someone had even thought about this kind of premise was amazing. Like, how? What a complete twist to the conventional age gap drama.
  • The OSTS!!! – I seriously loved all the osts in this ahjussi korean drama. Sondia’s Adults. Ive been listening to that on repeat ever since the drama ended. I still do but for the sake of trying to move on I’ve lessened the amount of times I play it.
    •  I loved the all the osts but these ones particularly stood out to me:
    • Adults by Sondia. One of the bestttttt osts ever.
    • Rainbow by Vincent Blue and O.When. When this song comes on, there’s a certain part to it that just gives you goosebumps. Especially when DH started running to get to JiAn
    • Dear Moon – this accompanied JiAN and her grandma when they were moon watching. But later on, after reading the translated lyrics, I too was convinced that this song was for DH. IU later confirmed it so it’s all the more special. The lyrics were on point and screams DH.
    • A Million Roses – wasn’t really one of my favourites early on but again after learning of the lyrics, it matched sooo well with DH and JA. The voice and they lyrics were hauntingly beautiful. It really gave off the feeling of despair and seemingly unending darkness, but picks you up with its hopeful lyrics.

“Now, even if everyone leaves

My Love will continue

This is the relationship from the star

That I was waiting for so long

With you, we can blossom more and more flowers

We become one and can go back to that eternal star”

“Without a heart of hate, When I only give love without holding back.

A million flowers can bloom. Only then, I can go back to my beautiful star that I long for.”

  • I loved that part of the lyrics and totally reminded me of when Jung Hee and DH were talking about JA being reborn over and over again. She replied with that lyrics and that kind of brought it home to me. DH was the love that JiAn was waiting for to go back to her star. She said she was 30000 years old. Everything JiAn did for DH truly reflected what was said on the lyrics.
    • It definitely felt like, finally, this was the last rebirth JiAn would ever have to go through. And that phone booth conversation – when she said it no longer mattered if she was reborn or not. I felt like she was saying it didn’t matter so long as DH was there again.
  • Platonic or Not???? this was one of the central questions in the story for the audience, throughout its airing and after it ended. Before going to forums, I watched this and thought, hmmm. there’s something there definitely. But as the central theme was healing, I had the thought that the ending would not be them together, despite having those feelings for each other. I felt quite happy that I wasn’t the only one who saw this. At first, I truly didn’t have a problem with that.
    • The story was so much more than that that. Reading reviews, asking other people to describe it would never be enough unless you see it for yourself. Any labels about it, an age gap drama, a healing drama – will not make sense completely if you don’t see the drama. Their relationship was so beautiful. I thought, in the middle of the drama, Id be okay even if they didn’t end up with each other. Just knowing that there’s someone out there who truly understands you, is so comforting.
  • And that brings me to this. For the first time ever I went on forums, tumblr to see more insights about the drama. By the end, I was sold on them together. That longing on JiAn’s face in the end, that sigh of relief before they showed her face. It just screams of something else. That ‘thank you’ of DH was to me, his relief and gratitude to JiAn. That she’s lived up to her name. For providing DH a source of comfort and being a pillar to him when he needed it the most. Up to that point, from his side, I though it was all gratitude. But then he had to smile like that.
  • Anyway whatever it is, Id NEVER see that as a paternal love. even just typing that felt so wrong. Call it platonic but not paternal.
  • Finally, after reading so many insights Ive come to the conclusion that, whatever people at perceive it as, you can’t take away that what they had was beautiful and special. It transcends your average relationships/age gap drama and it is one of a kind. You have got to see it to understand.
    •  If like me, you think that the end is a beginning of something new and more, or if you think that it really is just platonic- I think we can agree that it’s such a relief to see them together again. They truly bring the best out of each other. And the thing is they don’t do it for each other, they do it themselves with the knowledge that someone out there is giving them a much needed strength. In the same tone as Jung Hee’s, if you’ve got someone like that in your life ,then your life assignment is done.

Right, there’s so much more Id like to say and I feel like I might have veered off a bit from what I really wanted to write. Hopefully though, you get what I wanted to say and it came across with the same intention I’ve written it. I think the reason why Im still drawn to MA was because of how relatable and understood it made me feel. The topic of Yoora and Ki Hoon and all the other characters I haven’t touched upon but would like to say that Yoora’s arc made me feel like I’m not alone. That others feel it too.

This story was so much about failure and how we are so afraid of it. What happens when you go through it? How will you deal with it? How will you confront it? Failure or mistakes are a part of life but we tend to deduct it from our life story. Maybe when we choose to embrace it and then rise up from it will we truly live and be more alive. Instead of going with the flow and getting stuck with being stuck, we just need to acknowledge it. And hopefully with the help of someone like JA and DH and the Hoogye community,

May we all hang in there until we find comfort for ourselves.