Fantasy RomCom Beauty Inside Korean drama Review

Beauty Inside Korean drama Review


Beauty Inside is a Korean drama adaptation of the film with the same name. I started watching this halfway through its run so I really anticipated each week.This drama wasn’t necessarily one that I was too keen about when I heard it first. The film it was based on starred Han Hyo Joo and a variety of actors. Both film and the Beauty Inside Kdrama deals with a person (in this case, it was the woman and for the film it was the man) who experience a weird phenomenon wherein his physical appearance completely changes.

In the film, the guy changes his appearance everynight. I found the film okay but nothing that would really stick with me. However for this drama, the woman changes appearance once a month, for a week. I did a first impression for this drama and safe to say that those first two episodes really grabbed my attention.


Having just finished this, my heart is still so full from watching the ending. It was beautiful and what a touching way to wrap everything up. Hearing the premise of this at the start, I really wasn’t hooked and I was having second thoughts about how they’ll do 16-hour long drama with such story line. I felt like it’s such a tricky plot to handle.


But this drama turned out to be such an unexpected gem. The characters here really surprised me and were the ones that really kept me watching. The storyline was well crafted – I’m happy with the way they handled it. For such a fantastical premise, they really managed to make it feel realistic. Honestly, the very moment after I watched the last episode, I was still buzzing with excitement to share what I’ve thought about this drama. It was so so good.


The changing of appearances were really handled in such a clever manner. This has got to have one of the most cameos in a drama. The main thing here was how are they going to handle the changing of her appearance? But that was really the part that won me over. They were handled with so much thought – it was beautiful to see.


The danger of not being able to reconcile those different faces to one person was gone. I was really impressed by all the actors who acted as Se Gye. Regardless if it was a man, a boy or an old person, I always knew that it was Se Gye. I feel like that’s such a crucial feat to get over otherwise the drama just doesn’t work.



I was even more surprised to know that the writer of this drama was Kim Eun Sook’s assistant writer. If you didn’t know, Kim Eun Sook penned the very famous trio of dramas Descendants of the Sun, Goblin and the recently aired Mr. Sunshine. And you can see that from her work here. The writer was of that calibre and she definitely was able to hold her own.


If you watched the movie – I think you’d be amazed at what they’ve managed to do here. The plot summary doesn’t do this justice. YOU HAVE TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. I literally poured my heart out watching The Beauty Inside. I must have cried (sobbed even, embarrassing to admit but there was a part here that really hit me), laughed, swooned, felt giddy, excited, cringed, annoyed, smiled and amazed at Han Se Gye’s fashion/wardrobe/beauty/style.


Those were a lot of things I definitely didn’t know I’d come across whilst watching this drama. I came without expecting much but walked away more than contented. And it’s really a win-win when that happens. By the end this has definitely become one of my top dramas this year.

I LOVED everyone here – the relationship, not only between the main leads but also their relationship with other people really made me feel all warm and fuzzy. No one was really bad and one thing I was happy about is that no plot conflict was over-exaggerated or drawn out just to fill in the show.



It made you wish you had someone like Do Jae, Yoo Mi, Eun Ho, Sa Ra – pretty much everyone here in your life. And I didn’t expect this to have some very heartwarming scenes. Those scenes really got me.


What more, the OSTs that they played fit each scenes so well. They just enhanced the scenes, making them so much more effective and touching.


And we can’t forget to mention Chae Yu Ri, as much as Ryu Hwa Young is hated, I really really love and am impressed with her acting. I don’t know how she does it but she just manages to become the characters she plays. She’s just a character you love to hate but then be amazed at how well the actress herself is able to deliver so well. I fell in love with her in Age of Youth and she just keeps getting better and better.


                                            Ryu Hwa Young

Overall – Beauty Inside was one Kdrama I’m glad I gave a try. There are a lot of dramas that you tend to brush aside because of them not being interesting enough but you stumble upon those ones that you strangely give a try, and it turns out to be one of the best decisions you ever make.


If you’re looking to watch a take on something unique – this is definitely one to go for. Behind the amazing chemistry of the leads is a much deeper meaning of love. And with so many characters to love, you’ll be in for an unexpectedly wonderful experience.


Beauty Inside – longer review (spoilers ahead 👀)


Because I can’t write a review for this without highlighting the parts I really love, I’m just going to list them down. This drama ended up having so many things I really enjoyed seeing. If I put those all in here, this post will become just a photobook so I’ll try my best and pick the ones that stood out to me the most.


  • The Characters

Seo Hyun Jin was amazing in this role. She really was Han Se Gye personified – a successful actress and an accomplished person who’s hiding a devastating secret. I loved everything she wore. She made everything looked good and she was just flawless every.time.  And also I loved the way she portrayed her character. Han Se Gye really came alive and she was both fun and heartbreaking. 

 Seo Hyun Jin as Han Se Gye


Lee Min Ki took a bit more time for me to warm up to his character. At first – he was really the stereotypical chaebol heir. He has prosopagnosia (face blindness) that doesn’t allow him to recognise even his own face. I disliked the way he spoke at first – there was a way he says his sentences that  had a very monotonous sound, no matter the situation. But I found myself actually liking it. It was part of his character. As cold and uncaring he seemed, he was actually very sweet. Seo Do Jae really won me over especially with how they portrayed his interactions with Han Se Gye’s counterparts.

                                  Lee Min Ki as Seo Do Jae


Ahn Jae Hyun said that this is the type of character he’s been wanting to play in such a long time. And did he choose a good one to play. He was perfect for this role. He’s one of those flower boy? characters. Ryu Eun Ho was bound to his calling to be a priest but suddenly becomes confused when he met Kang Sa Ra. A loyal friend. One you’d love to have. I just love how he always gives way to others. And that smile.  There was a time where I felt more drawn to their storyline just because of how well written it is and how they gave off an amazing chemistry when they meet each other. I really looked forward to their parts.

Ryu Eun Ho x Kang Sa Ra


Lee Da Hee also one of my fave actresses after seeing Secret, I was just happy to be seeing her again so soon! If there ever was a living barbie doll, it would definitely be her. She’s so beautiful. After her seeing her angsty role in Secret, I’m mote than happy to see her playing a nicer character. I loved her relationship with her step brother Do Jae. They definitely did have an unhealthy sibling rivalry, which was amplified more in her parts but I’m happy it didn’t escalate fully. I can watch another episode seeing their lovely bond together. Who would think she’d have such a lovely chemistry with Ahn Jae Hyun? One noona romance I love. SO CUTE.


                                    Lee Da Hee as Kang Sa Ra


Moon Ji In as Yoo Woo Mi, Se Gye’s manager/bestfriend. If you have someone like her in your life, you’ll never feel alone. I love how she’s always there for Se Gye, despite her frustrations as her manager. She acts all tough and annoyed but you know she loves her. Together with Ryu Eun Ho, their friendship is definitely on of my favourite things in this drama.


The trio ❤


  • Favourite Scenes
    • Who didn’t like their facetimes? SO Adorable.


  • This kiss at the control tower was when I knew I’ll really love this drama. 😍



  • And it was always my favourite when he would recognise her, when he cannot even recognise his own face. 😭


  • …And the scene that got me the most
    • And with loads of adorable scenes between our couple (which I loved), this one stood out to me the most because it reminded me this drama is so much more than just the romance. Later on in the episodes, we find out Se Gye’s mum was dying of cancer – and fast. This part was definitely well acted and carried the purpose it wanted to convey. They were running out of time and as always, we realise what we have when we’re about to lose it. It made me reflect on my own life too and just how precious and fragile life is. One minute she’s there and one minute she’s not. The fact that she wasn’t able to show what’s been happening to her until the last minute was heartbreaking. And I was happy when she finally faced her with her changed appearance. Her mum’s reaction reminded me of how strong a mother’s love is. That despite all the logical reasonings she understood. And she accepted.

Se Gye at the hospital with her mum


  • The bonding that they shared before her mum passed felt so fleeting. It made me feel how desperate she must have felt and how much she wanted time to stop so that she can do more things with her mum.


Towards the end of the drama, there was nothing much more conflict wise. The last two episodes where mostly spent seeing everyone gathering together. Giving us closure and the reunion of our couple after being away because of the guilt Se Gye felt having found out she was the reason he had prosopagnosia.


Beauty Inside Kdrama Ending


That was probably one of the things that I liked the least in this drama. Though I do understand why she must feel guilty. But for her to run away – well, to each their own. I guess you can’t think straight when that happens.


I do love though how they both help each other be better. Do Jae, even risking his own life, going through with the surgery to repair his eyes. And then Do Jae making Se Gye come back to what she’s most passionate about – acting. It was an ending that tied all loose ends. We get SaRa and EunHo together, Yoo Mi happy she’s got her Se Gye back to manage again and just an all around happy ending for everyone.


Beauty Inside Kdrama OSTs

Can’t be complete without the mention of the OSTs. I fell in love with Red Velvet Wendy’s Goodbye – what a perfect song to accompany this drama. It made the sad scenes feel even sadder. It just has such a lovely collection of fun, beautiful and heart wrenching osts.



Beauty Inside Kdrama – Conclusion

Overall, Beauty Inside Kdrama was a great watch. The plot could have made for a messy storyline but they made it simple enough that really carried the conflict through properly in the end. It was obviously fantasy themed but the emotions and all the hardships she went through brought the story back down to where each and all of us can relate.

Beauty Inside Kdrama Ending



It highlighted the parts that she needed to embrace in herself, seeing in hindsight that those appearances are little fragments of herself that needed loving and accepting. And they were wonderful together.


That ending was beautiful and it was lovely to see the Oh Hae Young cast again. I didn’t finish watching that drama but it seem that they all remained so intact which is always lovely to see.

Like always, there is a lingering feeling after ending a drama. This ending was so beautifully done. I loved how they put all the special  moments together in the end and made a music video with Wendy’s Goodbye as the background.


In the end, I’m happy to let this drama go because of how fulfilling it concluded. Definitely worth it.