Historical 100 Days My Prince Korean Drama Review

100 Days My Prince Korean Drama Review

100 Days My Prince Korean Drama - Review

Hey guys. Ive finally finished 100 Days My Prince! I was really excited when this one was announced. I liked the premise and I was just happy to finally get a seemingly light and romantic historical drama. So I have done a first impression for this one and if you’ve read that, you would know I was very IMPRESSED by it. Everything was done right with highlights to our characters and the backstory. It definitely did good with setting everything for what’s to come.


The first episode was definitely one of my favourite ones in all of my Kdrama watching history. Everyone did fantastically well in their own roles. Especially D.O who was really captivating and intriguing as the stoic crown prince with so much rage beneath that calm exterior. I really had high hopes for this one and have been religiously watching it as it aired every week.



Cinematography especially in episode 1 was FANTASTIC. Each scene you could see was filmed with so much attention to detail. Everything was just so smooth to the eye.


100 Days My Prince promised light and heavy both at the same time. I honestly thought I would be in for something uniquely different. I have seen Nam Ji Hyun in Shopping King Louie and this drama is basically of the similar premise – but taking place in the modern day. It was my first time watching her and I loved her in that drama.


Although this drama did fail to satisfy some of what it’s promised – it is still a decent watch. Whether it will stand the test of time and impress others the same as when it was airing, probably something to think twice about. The actors were all great individually and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I finished this.


The flow of the story towards the end took a bit of less than a smooth path. What could have been a great climax didn’t turn as satisfying as expected. There was not much in the story that really stood out but because of the actors’ performance – the characters were brought to life and they really shone through in this.


The Story


100 Days My Prince Korean Drama is about a crown prince in the Joseon Era who’s suffered temporary amnesia. A kind, poor civilian found him in the woods and brought him down to their village. At the same time – following the crown prince’s orders to have everyone of marrying age married as an answer to the long drought they were having, the civilian’s daughter was caught in a dilemma. The elderly governor  of the village – who has multiple wives – has taken a liking to Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) and wanted to make her his concubine.


Yi Suh and Lee Yul


With Hong Shim’s father’s help, the crown prince who forgot everything married Hong Shim and took the place of Won Deuk (a soldier who Hong Shim has never met and knew through her father’s). The crown prince spends 100 days with them – all the while trying to find out who he really was.


Little did they know it was a fateful meeting once again, that followed their meeting when they were younger. Political strife was prominent in the palace intensified by the crown prince’s assassination. Who tried to kill the prince and what was the secret that they’re trying to desperately keep?


*spoilers below*

I loved the first few episodes of this. Everything was portrayed in such an exciting way. I really anticipated every episode and I had a massive expectation.




I wasn’t convinced by our main couple. Individually, I like them but weren’t persuaded in the idea of them together. I just didn’t feel the chemistry. There were times in the drama where they had their moments and I thought it would lead to something more special and exciting.


Nam Ji Hyun as Yi Suh/Hong Shim

I really feel like one of the few, few who felt this way. They were so well received as a couple with a great chemistry by most of  the audiences.


Do Kyung Soo in 100 Days My Prince Korean Drama


The thing here though was the 100 days. I thought they’d highlight that more as that was the title of the drama. I expected them to use it to proceed better with the story. However, I really didn’t feel that. What it was were them constantly bickering and nothing much in there that helped progress their love story into a more deeper level. I just went into the next episodes with the hope that this is the time where I believe they really have a connection with each other.



Especially since they had that special connection when they were younger.  I guess I’m just that picky. Especially after My Ahjussi. 


Individually, as I said they did great with a special mention to D.O. I was very impressed with him because he handled and portrayed his character really well. I loved him when he was in the palace before the accident. He was also adorable when he was just starting to get accustomed to his new way of life. Despite the amnesia, his mannerisms and who he really was stayed intact which I found was a great detail. 


We know he liked her and we could see it but I felt like the 100 days went by too quick. He remained his stoic and serious self that I wished they would have shown more of just the two of them together. Just to really show that shift in his character. I felt this so vital to the story that later on especially when they were separated, though Nam Ji Hyun did her part in portraying the grief of their character, I didn’t feel it. I was watching it rather than experiencing that journey with her. And just when their story actually started – that’s when he gets captured and brought back to the palace.


Nam Ji Hyun did great. She’s able to hold her own and I loved watching her interactions with her brother. There were times when the way she spoke annoyed me a bit, especially when it was the serious parts of the drama. But that’s just a minor thing though. I didn’t like her character nagging a bit too much lol. But she was able to express herself and feel for her on her emotional scenes.

I especially loved this one:



The supporting characters

This story had a range of actors that helped create what it came to be. The ones I liked in particular were Moo Yeon and the crown prince’s right hand man who we lost in the 1st episode :(. They were solidly written and they were just the kind of characters I’ll remember for just being their own selves. They had their role to serve and they did just that.



I like Kim Seon Ho in general as an actor -I first saw him in Strongest Delivery Man and he had such a fun and loveable character. He had prosopagnosia in this which means face blindness – he couldn’t recognise faces. Which was why he failed to know it was the crown prince despite meeting him. His character Jun Je Yoon was okay. He had an unrequited love for Hong Shim and I do get annoyed when they try to force themselves to others despite knowing she likes someone else. Here though, he backed out soon enough and admitted defeat. That was the reason why he remained likeable to me. More than anything else, I just liked his bromance with the crown prince towards the end.


I didn’t like the King for the most part of the story. I don’t know if it was the way he was portrayed or just the character himself but he finally got me in the last episode, thankfully. The Queen and the brother was obviously used as just a plot device. They were only shown when they needed a bit of a shift in the story in such an obvious way. *rolls eyes*


The Vice Premier – the actor Cho Seong Ha showed how amazing he really is as an actor. His character was hateful but I loved the actor playing him. You could see he was trying to make the most of the script he got to work with. Vice Premier Kim – the crown prince’s wife’s father (gosh that was a mouthful) was consumed with greed. Because of it, he became ruthless and scary. But it was again such a disappointing end to him. I was expecting more- after all we had like 15 episodes of build up to the main climax. For it to end up like that was underwhelming, to say the least.


Vice Premier Kim


The crown princess Kim So Hye – the start of it all. She was the reason the vice premier was driven to have the crown prince killed. How can she become pregnant when nothing has ever happened between her and the crown prince?


In the end – I was really captured by her and Hong Shim’s long lost brother – Moo Yeon’s love story. I loved this character so much. He became an assassin to protect Hong Shim. It was so heartwarming to see a brother and sister relationship portrayed so sweetly in a drama.



I loved his and So Hye’s love story. They were so great together. More than anyone else, I wanted them to be find their happiness together.


100 Days My Prince’s Ending

I saw a lot of people who was disappointed with the ending but it was actually quite sweet. Overall I guess it’s a nice historical offering as we’ve been lacking those this year. If you came for the historical bit though then don’t expect it too much here. Although it has a historical setting, that’s all is there to it. It’s a story inspired by the Joseon era and a lot of their mannerisms isn’t strictly of the past. This was dealt with quite a lot of humour (which is good) but with the sacrifice of accurate historical depictions.


Although I would’ve wanted to see more of them together in the end – we all know what’s  to follow next anyway so I’m happy with that.




Who else wanted to see Je Yoon and the gisaeng together in the end? She just disappeared into thin air which is a bit sad. They were actually cute together and I liked the sassiness of the gisaeng.




This is also one of those dramas that didn’t really rely on background music so much. As we know, Korean dramas aren’t complete without at least one amazing ost. I was surprised to find out that in this case, it wasn’t like that. This was compared to Moonlight That Drawn The Clouds before it aired – that drama had some of THE most amazing collection of osts in a drama ever. It certainly helped set up the mood and give us an outstanding climax. I guess this was one of the things this drama missed.


And also Gummy sang the main OST! It was okay but there’s one ost that reminded me of the ost in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. There was a line/note in there that sounded incredibly familiar and I remembered it’s from this drama. 




*end spoiler*

Final Comments

100 Days My Prince Korean Drama was a good story overall. This was such a high rating drama that it’s 4th highest ranking TVN (the broadcast cable network) drama of all time. It had beautiful cinematography, especially in the first few episodes. But I came to dislike the yellow faded tone it had throughout its run.


I have to say though that it lost a bit of its spark in the middle part and towards the end of the story. The ending bit was satisfying enough, though of course it isn’t perfect.



Do I recommend watching it? Yes and No.


So here it is.


If you’re a fan of the leads, want to see more historical (as we’ve got a drought of it) then yes. The actors put on great performances, from the seniors to the leads. It’s definitely an interesting story and I at least recommend to check it out.


However, story wise I found lacking. It dragged towards the other half of the drama and also this isn’t really a historical focused story. It focused more on the crown prince’s journey and much of the political strife and drama going on inside the palace. Nothing that will give us background or Id say, a feel of what it really is in that time.


There definitely was something in the story that didn’t go as smooth as it could have. The first episode was so amazing that the rest failed to live up to it. So if you’re expecting to be blown away by something grand and that’ll get your adrenaline running, then this isn’t it. That was one of my problems here, things built up and when you expect something grand, it just fizzled away and went flat.


By no means am I saying it’s a bad drama, 100 Days My Prince was a good drama despite of my statement above. A drama that was held up really well by the actors. 🙂