Secret Korean drama recap/update

Secret – A live Korean drama recap/update

Also known as Secret LoveBelow, will be my very first post of my Korean drama recaps. I’ve done this whilst watching the drama. I’ve seen a few other recaps – and they were mostly long. However for me though, having binge-watched it in 3 days, mine’s more of the quick thoughts of the main things that stood out to me. And of course, what I felt right at that moment. So here goes, my Secret Korean Drama recap.

Because I’ve started my recap/update at episode 3, I am going to insert a quick summary of the plot.

korean drama recap of Secrets


On a fateful night, a prosecutor and his fiancee were involved in a hit and run accident resulting to the death of the victim. Believing it wasn’t their fault, Yu Jeong decided to take the blame for her prosecutor fiance, ending on her receiving a jail sentence. Unbeknownst to them, Min Hyeok, the victim’s lover -decided to take revenge on Yu Jeong, making sure her life is a living misery. Tragedy and Betrayal follows as they both try to navigate through the web of lies weaved carefully by Do Hun.



Main Cast:


Ji Sung – Jo Min Hyeok Hwang Jung Eum – Kang Yoo Jeong
Lee Da Hee – Shin Se Yeon Bae Soo Bin – Ahn Do Hun

Just a quick heads up – below is the compilation of the whole thing, from the earlier episodes up to the last one. So if you don’t wish to see spoilers, do be mindful of scrolling down too quickly! This I’ve watched in Netflix.  Hope you enjoy.

Episode 3 – Secret Korean Drama Recap Start

What a plot twist. I didn’t expect she’d be pregnant. Or that she’d continue being pregnant. I had a feeling she’d have a miscarriage but this definitely changes the drama. That’s a bit hardcore. This drama definitely isn’t playing around, it’s quite serious.

 Episode 4 (Secret Korean Drama)

🙁 I feel sorry for Hyu Jeong. I knew it. From the beginning, I had a hunch that knew she’d do something. It was actually nice to see Hye Jin -her cellmate – being so nice but I guess jealousy consumed her. After all, she had to give up her own child for adoption when she was sixteen.

And what an impressive performance by Jung Eum. That hospital scene really touched me. The fact that she didn’t care about herself (despite suffering from steam burn -ouch!) and was so desperately looking for her son.

This turn of events really make me wonder about what’s going go happen next. Right now, Ji Sung’s character is busy wondering about the philosophy of love.

Min Hyeok tests Do Hun – he wants her to stop Yu Jeong’s parole.

This reminds me of My Ahjussi’s earlier episodes (I know I know, I feel like Im always going to be reminded of that whatever I watch, please bear with me haha). They barely had any scenes together these previous episodes. And that guy, Do Hun, he’s done something bad but at the same time you can’t help but feel for him too. They’re honestly nailing their characters so far, especially the four actors. I’m engrossed right now.

Episode 5 (Secret Korean Drama)

SO this was fast forwarded quick. Her parole was obviously stopped. We see her get out of jail and then we find out San died???? Her child died. She didn’t know. And if we look back at her sentence, she spent at least two years believing her son was put in an orphanage. Wow. What a tragic turn of events. I wonder, if only they revealed it before hand, how things would have been. I can imagine their life still being tragic, but this trauma the lead suffered. If that was in real life, who wouldn’t have crumbled already? So so sad.

Secret Korean Drama recap of episode 5
At the river where they scattered her son’s ashes.

Episode 6 (Secret Korean Drama)

 Wow. this just keeps getting tragic. Her father died this episode. What???!! By this point, I actually felt so sorry for Hwang Jung Eum, she MUST have been so drained and exhausted, especially emotionally and physically. My Gosh. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. I feel sooo sorry for the character. Her life is just so tragic. (INSERT – When she was crying after the funeral – How can I go on like this?) Yes, how can you -ANYONE- go on like that? And finally, she broke up with her ‘boyfriend’. He’s so suspicious. He found her dad and he ended up dead the next day? And he was found all the way to Pohang, which sounds like the complete opposite way to their place.

And the fact that she had to go and beg Ji Sung to help her with money for her father’s operation. “Are you not embarrassed?”

Like, ofcourse not. When you’re down to where she is at this moment, I think embarrassment is the last thing you’d be thinking of. She’s so pitiful at the same time, at this moment, I can’t fault the script or the way the story unfolded.

Everything made sense and wasn’t out of logic. Well maybe not so much with Ji Sung’s character. We start to see him have a soft spot for her. He even goes out of his way to help her. Whilst I find that sweet and I do feel relieved for Hyu Jeong because she really do need any comfort she could get, I still find it a bit wrong. I mean, this is the woman that killed your pregnant girlfriend.

Although he probably doesn’t realise his own feelings yet, I’m thinking this might be one of the plot line later on. How guilty would he feel if he starts to realise his feelings, knowing this is the woman who took away the love of his life? That’d be interesting and I actually do feel sad for his dead girlfriend too.

Episode 7 (Secret Korean Drama)

39:21 “You threw away your principles like nothing. I don’t think you’re trustworthy.”

I like this guy. He seems to be trustworthy and unbiased.

Episode 10 

Secret Korean drama Recap’s Halfway Mark

 SO is this when things turn around? Finally, Hyu Jeong is starting to know who Do Hun really is. That guy. I felt sorry for him in the beginning now he’s just… hopeless. He’s become such a horrible person.  She also finds out that he was the one who’s spoken to HyuJeong to prevent her from getting the parole.

Jo Min Hyeok is starting to care more for Hyu Jeong. He asked her to work at his house (The president went too Germany – again, apparently for his treatment). Previous episodes have mostly been about Do Hun’s rise to power – he’s been accepted to K Group, has managed to open a restaurant for his parents, gotten closer to Shin Se Yeon which seems to be his target.

MinHyeok also asked her to read Wuthering Heights – the book Shin Se Yeon asked him to read. A book about how revenge born out of love ended. She went and read it – for her to write a summary of the story later on. As it was – the book ended in tragedy.

Min Hyeok seems a bit petty – he keeps following Hyu Jeong around. He’s found out the possibility that Ahn Do Hun might have been the culprit. He’s a bit whiny – he knows things are not the way they’re supposed to be but I’ve yet to see him actually butt heads to heads with Do Hun. I can’t wait for that. Min Hyeok had beed dismissed as the hotel CEO, with the votes being led by his fiancee (former friend) Se Yeon. Here’s one more character I feel sorry for. I definitely liked her at the start. She didn’t seem cunning and actually came across as a kind and genuine person. But ofcourse – her unrequited love for Min Hyeok, plus his seemingly growing obsession with Hyu Jeong, drove her to do things out of jealousy and resentment. “Those who asked to be trusted can’t be trusted.” 

             I want to add how nice it is that they made her prison mates be her room mates now. It’s nice to see that she’s got someone she can cry to who understands her. Hyu Jeong and her friend – Ja Yeong made their way to the police station. To look for a CCTV that night when her father disappeared. The store owner said she’s seen her fiance come to get her dad. Horrible horrible.


         “You’re lying. You’ve never been good at it.” Strange how someone can know you so well at the same time they can be stranger too. Do Hun had the flashbacks of that night. With the information bracelet tag (given to people who are unable to care for themselves e.g people with dementia) he went to Han River and threw it away.

Episode 11 (Secret Korean Drama)

Yu Jeong was watching the CCTV. She was back at her old home, hitting her head against the wall ( I knew a scene like that would happen!! I was just waiting for it.) He hugs her :(.

“I think I know, how much you hate me.”

“At least you know. You helped me Keep going.”

So we see Do Hun break down to Se Yeon as well.

“The people who made sacrifices for me have become shackles around my ankles.”

Wow Yes. I love how she’s confronting him now. She went to the hotel but got taken away by the security. Do Hun was driving out of the parking lot, raining hard outside when she appeared right in front of him. It sounds bad but I love that she hit him. This ungrateful and horrible guy. “How can I still be sane after this? How can you still be sane?” Man, who would still be in their right minds after all this? His betrayal is like the final thing to shake her up. “IF I kneel, will you disappear from my life forever?” Yes, you definitely deserve that slap, and more. How can you carry on living your life like that.

That Time, when you decided to take the blame for me, I’f Id cut ties with you, we wouldn’t be here.” Cue the big slap. Another turn around moment, now for Yu Jeong.

“You’ll regret it from now on. I’ll tear you apart and make your life a living hell. Watch me!” You go Yu Jeong! Wow this what I was waiting to see from the beginning and how satisfying it is.

Min Hyeok finds out though fliers that his father is sick, KGroup is in financial trouble. Yu Jeong made an appearance at the board meeting with Min Hyeok. And of ccourse, Se Yeon is wondering why he’s keeping her around him when she’s the one who killed her girlfriend. “That is sick.” Yes, Se Yeon, it’ll make you feel even more disgusting to know that the person you’re talking to isn’t so innocent after all. Do Hun finally tells her who the woman he once loved was aka Yu Jeong.

Lol at this scene though 49:49 – he seemed about to fly towards Do Hun lol. That adrenaline feeling though. He’s basically being kicked out of his own company. Ouch “I’m Jo Min Hyeok! I’m the owner of this company!”

Are they going to kiss?  Not yet!!! Lol.

Episode 12 (Secret Korean Drama)

So are they going to kiss? No? Yes? Oh no Dong Hun sees it!!! Oops okay no. Thank God Yu Jeong avoided it. Not yet guys! Okay so he reaches for the sauce to taste.

It’s Se Yeon’s turn this time. After the mini “party” she held for Min Hyeok, with Yu Jeong as the cook/server – it obviously back fired. Yu Jeong went to the kitchen to get coffee for them, Min Hyeok followed. He thanked her – they managed to get the funding from the rich madam through her sauce. She’s had it sent to her through the maid – a deal nearly destroyed with Do Hun’s presence. They came to see the rich investor – and as Yu Jeong had her sauces with her, she made the madam taste them. And then on with her, borrowing from Do Hun’s words, “nostalgia” words.

Ahn Do Hun came as well, as to be expected. I really love a lot of the dialogues of the characters in this drama. From Jo Min Hyeok “Do you know what? Of all the people who pretend to be strong, no one is really strong. You look really insecure right now.” Got to give it to Bae Do Hoon, the actor who plays Do Hun, you could really see those emotions playing on his face. The insecurity, the fear, and the intent to mask it with fake confidence.

Fast forward to the kitchen scene-Yu Jeong overwhelmed with the news, she unawarely- held his hand. Se Yeon came in.Talks later, the coffee kilter fell off the bench. We see how concerned Min Hyeok is and tried to tell Yu Jeong to step back.

When it was just the two of them (Do Hun and Se Yeon) she said “I’ve known him since kindergarten. The way he was looking at her, was true love.” 55:20. Cue the wine glass being thrown to the mirror. Poor her. I’d have more sympathy for her if she didn’t turn out to be quite despicable. I miss the older Se Yeon.

What an intense kiss????? I don’t know what to feel about this though. A bit cringy. LOL LOL LOL. That stare haha. No, that’s actually quite sweet. Good. He followed it up with a sweet kiss. He was a bit teary too.

Episode 13 (Secret Korean Drama)

 We start with the flashback of Yu Jeong being interrogated at the station about four years ago. Min Hyeok calls on to Gwang Su, about the truck driver being the only witness to the accident that happened that day. Haha. This made me laugh. And Gwang Su’s serious nod. Like they weren’t thinking that that wasn’t such an impossible request. I guess it wouldn’t be a k-drama without these kinds of absurditiesHow are you going to find the driver of the truck – from a rainy night, on a construction site and apparently no cctv place? And from four years ago? Good luck. Although I’m expecting he’ll be found within two days if not earlier lol.

That OST voice. How did I know it’s Ailee straight away lol? One of the queen of osts indeed.

“This is all because of you.” Wow. This guy really is far gone. Ever since the previous episodes, he’s been doing nothing but blame Yu Jeong for his situation now. He’s got very annoying. He’s completely absolved himself of any wrongdoing. He needs another slap.“You brought this upon yourself.” There we go! That’s what I like. Finally standing up to yourself more and more. Show that guy!!!! “How could you possibly compensate me? How much do I deserve? I should ask around. What would your parents think?” That definitely did it. She got him there. Good for her.

Gwang Su reports that Yu Jeong went home and went to the bakery again. He asks him why he wasn’t giving the bakery back to her. “I don’t want her to leave. I’m worried that she might disappear.” He can be a bit cringy sometimes. Lol. Or Im just not feeling it. I actually do miss the angst of the first half of this show. Of course it’s nice eto see him being nice to her already but it was the transition.

29:33 – The way she went up to him to answer him back though. I;m just loving everything she does when she fights him back. “…he should beg for forgiveness for what he did to Mr. Kim over a girl like you.” What the HECK?? This guy just keeps on getting worse. Phone rings – call from Se Yeon.

Oh no Yu Jeong is apologising instead. She’s kneeling too. Do not do that!!!!! That’s so stupid. After all he’s said and done to you? He’s telling her to pour him a drink. She picks up a huge bottle of what seems like whiskey. Pour it over him instead!

LOL So he’s ankle that’s apparently infected is actually all better. lol.

Noo. I can’t believe they’re going to use this trope. Father dislikes the girl, father is powerful so he gets her to stop seeing him. Ahhhhh. Seriously?

LOL @ 58:57 . Okay come on now. That slow mo was reaaaally dramatic haha. It honestly made me cringe a bit. And that backhug. lol. Right in front of the entrance of the bus. I can just imagine the driver’s face. What am I thinking? hahaha.

Okay Secret Korean drama is now showing us the romance bit of the story. Hopefully we can contain the angst.

Episode 14 (Secret Korean Drama)

 Uh oh. She’s gone to confront him about her father. Way to do it! Do it upfront. “Do you know what your problem is? Because of that stupid love, you don’t take care of yourself.” I… kinda agree with this Do Hun.  But that doesn’t excuse the fact that you abandoned  and betrayed her.

“Trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t love you, isn’t love. It’s obsession.” She’s on a roll lately. What a way to turn things around to Se Yeon. Ouch but true. Ouch that slap.

Okay she finally said it. She loves him. Se Yeon if only you’ve said it earlier.

In the place you’ve worshiped so much, you’ll confess to your crime.” Yes, tell him! I love how everything is starting to back fire on Do Hun. And I love how our female lead is not backing down either. He deserves it, and more.

GWANG MIN “I don’t betray someone over something that doesn’t belong to me.”  He shows his loyalty to his boss – something that Do Hun tried to convert him from.

Do Hun, you, are you really my son?” Do Hun’s father to him.

Episode 15 (Secret Korean Drama)

Do Hun kneels in front of her. I don’t feel sorry. He’s only doing this because he knows he’ll lose everything. So Yu Jeong’s on her way to the prosecution office. Do Hun calls her, letting her hear what’s going on inside Min Hyeok’s house together with Se Yeon. Basically, blackmailing her. ARGH.

“Don’t worry about me and do what you need to do.” Yes! Just what I wanted to hear. I want to see their faces once she does something they’re not expecting her to do.Just fight them back pleazeeeeee.Se Yeon’s face “5:20 – You trust me, right?” Min Heyok’s going to talk to Se Yeon’s father and break off their engagement. “Bring back the Se Yeon I once knew. Being destructive and irrational like this isn’t you.”

“I have to do something about this.” Finally, Min Hyeok. He wants to call for a press coonference – too counteract the effects of Do Hun’s whistle blowing.

Yu Jeong had enough. With so many press at Do Hun’s parents’ restaurant, she came in and demanded she eat there and talk with Do Hun. Do Hun is now being accused of embezzling 65 million won, although he didn’t do it. Yu Jeong finally told his parents that it wasn’t her who was driving that night. His annoyiing mum tried to stop her and call her a despicable woman.

Out of sheer anger and frustration – she went too tell the press. His mum, as a final resort to stop her, said her son’s name.

Episode 16 – Final Episode (Secret Korean Drama)

I’m so freaking MAD at Do Hun’s mum right now. She had NO right to do that. Wow. She’s so despicable. She made both of them believe that their child died.

“What more can I do?” Do Hun. His mum was taken away by the police. She, as it was revealed, forged fake documents about her grandson’s death.

You and your mum haven’t got a heart.” OUCH. 

We see them spend time, one last time with each other. Yu Jeong left in the morning, leaving Min Hyeok alone with the book she refused to finish reading for him. It said – “We must love.” Min Hyeok breaks down – is it love? If it is this painful? Fast forward to the scene of Se Yeon and Min Hyeok’s marriage. They went through with it, finally, after four years!

Se Yeon called Do Hun over one last time – knowing he’ll be indicted the following week. She confessed that she was the one who killed Jui Hui – flashback to when she met her at a cafe, threatening her to disappear. I thought there was one last plot twist, thank God there’s not. She said she wished Jui Hui was dead – but she didn’t kill her. It was still Do Hun in the end.

Yu Jeong saw her kid – who thinks of her as a stranger now. She took with her the blanket she made for him when she was in prison – something her son no longer needs. Her son’s name was no longer San, it was now Jeong Hwan. Yu Jeong decided to forgo the trial – apparently for the custody. She see’s him settled with his new parents. She sees the agony it was causing the adopted mum. And although sad, she decided she didn’t have to have him with her to be his mum. How heartbreaking all over again.

Ahn Do Hun, seeing his child in the playground with his new family, grieves for what he has lost. The woman who truly loved him, his family, his child.

Min Hyeok had a talk with Se Yeon and finally – he apologised- genuinely. He hugged her and she held him too. Min Hyeok and Se Yeon decided to divorce – with Se Yeon ripping apart the prenuptial, effectively getting rid of it. He approached his dad – telling him he’ll give his company shares to Se Yeon- making him not be the company’s heir anymore. With this, his father thought he’d go back to Yu Jeong but instead he asked him to send him to where no employee wanted to go. He’s going to Armenia.

LOL at this classic airport scene. Yu Jeong finds out from Gwang Su that Min Hyeok was leaving. She went to the airport and tried to find him. We see them find each other. They crossed paths only looking forward. An unspoken agreement.

Do Hun’s trial – It was his former colleague that led the investigation of his case. We finally see the missing piece of what happened that night – it was Jui Hui with her red umbrella, the car coming on towards her. Do Hun admitted to all charges, including the kidnapping of Yu Jeong’s father.

Fast forward to months or years? later. Min Hyeok came back from Armenia. Gwang Min, Min Hyeok’s father’s right hand man – was being inaugurated as the new CEO of KGroup. I’m so happy that his loyalty and hard work paid off! And what’s this? Min Ju, Min Hyeok’s younger sister, is dating him? LOL. I saw that coming. But it was sweet of her to gift him cup noodles for his birthday and after his jail release – although a bit excessive.

Gwang Su was dating Hae Ri, finally! And Min Hyeok’s dad and his stepmother – he’s finally acknowledging her presence in his life.

We all so see Do Hun in prison. A guard came up to give a mail. It was Se Yeon’s painting of the girl in the blue sea – the one painting Do Hun particularly liked. Se Yeon acknowldges and remembers what he said – he would miss seeing her paintings.

Now all that’s left is for our main couple. Yu Jeong finally has her bakery back with her friends with her. Sandra Wang was pregnant. Yu Jeong was baking again – Sandra Wang was going into labour. Yu Jeong stayed behind to close the shop but Min Hyeok was there eating a cream bun.

He’s asking her what was the wish she made in the pagoda, before they separated. She said she’ll keep it a secret, so that he’ll keep on following her around.  He lifter her up on to the table filled with bread – with her still referring to him as the CEO. He told her he was no longer CEO and asked her to call him by name. And she ended it with a kiss. That was actually a very sweet kiss. Well deserved.

And That’s the end! Thank you for reading my Secret Korean drama recap/update/thoughts. I  wanted to write my own version of one – just the things I do not want to forget or things that stood out to me in every episode.

My Review coming soon. <3