The Journey Begins – Korean Drama Reviews

My First Entry:

I’ve recently been interested at having my own wordpress as kind of a drama diary. Here it goes. It’s most likely going to be unorganised and everything goes. But if you’re interested at others’ korean drama reviews like I am, this will be one of those sites. Might as well do something while you’re bored. And it’s cool to have something to look back on – time flies and you never really notice how much.

Korean drama reviews are everywhere recently. In tumblr, twitter, instagram, even youtube. Everyone has their own style of doing them and I think that’s great. It gives great insight as to how the viewer saw the drama. And recently, Korean Entertainment, in general, has been growing massively internationally as well. It amazes me when I look back, how much dramas I’ve actually watched. And although some scenes are still so vivid in my mind, others I don’t remember as much. And it feels nice to share a similar opinion with someone else. That’s why here comes my own take on Korean drama reviews.

I wish to have others like me to be able to share thoughts/comments about dramas. And I am hoping that whoever gets to read my reviews will atleast get something

Thanks for joining me – if there’s anyone.

To end this first one, here’s a My Ahjussi quote to show how much Ive been so into this drama. It’s just that relatable. Here’s one of my first korean drama reviews – My Ahjussi.

“Earnestness is like life imprisonment.”

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