My ID is Gangnam Beauty: Fresh Drama About Confidence and Plastic Surgery

My ID is Gangnam Beauty First Impression


First things first, My ID is Gangnam Beauty was highly recommended to me by my sister. Originally, she was the one hooked on watching Kdramas online before. I was a casual viewer. But it actually became the opposite now. So I was surprised when she suddenly started watching again and out of nowhere told me to watch this. Along with My ID is Gangnam Beauty, she’s also enjoying The Last Empress, which I’m totally going to give a try after.


My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a drama based off of the manga with the same name, is about a bullied teen, who was outcasted because of her looks. Growing up isolated and not able to be herself, she went through with having a full on plastic surgery – changing her looks drastically. This drama deals with the aftermath of the surgery and how her life becomes post surgery – now attending undergraduate university.


Kang Mirae in My ID is Gangnam Beauty drama and manga


Now I was never really interested in this when it first came out. The title didn’t really sound like anything I would like nor the premise too. However, I was quite surprised at how many people ended up liking it. I still wasn’t so sure. Cha Eun Woo was the leading guy. Cha Eun Woo is a Kpop Idol known best for his good looks and clear skin. And we all know how supportive Kpop idol fans are so that popularity bit wasn’t really something I really relied on. I thought that a lot of those people who said it’s good was because of fans, which can be biased, understandably.


BUT I decided to give it a try and not judge and cast it aside right away. That is actually kinda like my New Year’s resolution – give dramas a try before disregarding them. I found I’ve done that quite a lot especially with a lot of the popular dramas. Granted, there are dramas that are popular but didn’t really make a good impression or are just not as good as the hype around it.


The leads in My ID is Gangnam Beauty Korean Drama

So now that that’s all done, I started watching My ID is Gangnam Beauty yesterday on Netflix. And I ended up being surprised at how well made the first two episodes are. For a long time now I’ve had a bit of a difficult time getting into dramas, hence quite a lot of unfinished/dropped dramas last year. It really takes a while for me now to be fully immersed in a story.


I’m so happy that I actually found myself being engrossed in it. I liked the way they’ve done it with them giving us flashbacks here and there of Kang Mi Rae’s life before surgery.


I’m happy that I found I actually like this a lot better than I thought I would. Talk about trying things for yourself first.

It’s definitely got everything set up for what’s to come and I already have people I’m cheering on and people I know I’m going to have to just pull my hair in annoyance when their scene comes on.


The subject is also a very touchy subject but I’m relieved at how they’re tackling it. It was one of the reasons I was a bit skeptical at first but yes, it’s being handled smoothly so far.


Below are the things I specifically liked and disliked – be warned of some SPOILERS:


What I liked:

  • The storytelling

They really went into it right away. No unnecessary side stories that makes you wonder what the heck is going on for you to find out later. I think this was the reason I was into it in no time at all. I really hope it carries on with being simple but solid all the way through.


  • Pre-surgery censor

I like how they chose to not show what Mi Rae looked like before she had the surgery. Matters like physical appearance are such a sensitive topic. Choosing to show her face might escalate judgment as people are shown what the ‘ideal’ beauty is like and what is ‘ugly’. I thought that was such a thoughtful action.


  • Realistically nice Male lead

Cha Eun Woo as Do Kyeung Soo is depicted as the perfect male lead – at least in terms of physical appearance. He’s this stereotypical unreachable good looking guy, who despite choosing to not interact fully with other people, still has them attracted to him and liking him.

I think in dramas, Kdramas especially, we often see the good guy being like a knight in shining armour to the lead. One that would come sweeping you off your feet and going out of his way unrealistically to come and protect you. In here, so far, it was subtle and in character. We don’t see him going out of his way to dramatically save or protect the girl but he actually does it within his personality. It’s almost like it’s just a part of him.

This, coupled with his cold expression and beautiful face, he’s definitely one to swoon over.



What I didn’t like:



As soon as I saw her trying to be all nice and innocent, I knew I would dislike this character so much. Sua is the perfect package and a school ‘celebrity’ as their classmate calls her. She’s definitely a character thats very stereotypical – you can’t help having someone in mind from your own school/college days when you see her. I just wanted to wipe that smile off her face, you wonder how people actually doesn’t see through that innocent facade.


What more is that she’s a sly and insensitive kind of girl, wanting all attention to herself. She’s definitely aware of her status as a school celebrity and making the most out of it, pretending to be a nice and kind girl. 


I can’t believe I’ve gathered this much about her from only these two episodes lol. Seems like I might be spending my time watching these getting frustrated with her.


That senior guy (Chan Woo) and the sofa scene

So we get that Kang Mi Rae now attracts a lot of attention. We get one more person who’s really annoying I wish he’d just disappear after these two episodes. His attitude and the self centredness is definitely oozing that he’s so unaware how other people actually view him.


I really hate how he’s forcing himself on Mi Rae. Hated this scene also when they went to the lounge room for Mi Rae to ‘rest’. If Eun Woo didn’t come, he would have done something to her already and I just hate that that kind of guy is around her in the campus and she can’t do anything about it. Those kinds of guys are sooooo annoying.


…and a love triangle?

We’re definitely seeing a possible third wheel in this story. I don’t know about you but although I’ve watched quite a lot of dramas with a love triangle mixed in the story, I don’t actually like it. It’s nice to see Kwak Dong Yeon again though, loved him in Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds.


Kwak Dong Yeon


There you have it, my short first impression of My Id is Gangnam Beauty. I’m onto the third episode now and really wanted to write this before watching it because I don’t want the next episodes to influence this 🤣 


Manga vs Drama


So far My ID is Gangnam Beauty is giving me Go Back Couple vibes with it’s old school feels – when the leads in that drama went back in time. There isn’t much story-wise yet at this time and I still don’t have a concrete feel as to where this drama would go next. But it certainly is a nice opening for a drama and I love how much I relate to Mi Rae already. I’m liking the college setting as it totally reminds me of my own school years and the drama and the bad things that came along with it.


Let’s see how it goes and hopefully I get to see why others loved it so much!

See you at the review xx


P.S. – If you’re looking for something exciting and bingeworthy – I highly recommend watching Kingdom Korean Drama. Recently released as a Netflix Original, this zombie/period fusion story really succeeded in giving you all the thrill with a solid story line to match. I was hooked from the first minute and left wanting for more by the last. And with only six episodes long, it sure is a drama to check out.