Memories of the Alhambra Drama Impression and Augmented Reality


My Memories of the Alhambra First Impression



Memories of the Alhambra is finally here!


WOW this is new. And coincides with me going to Barcelona too! How timely. I was really excited for this so let’s get onto my memories of the Alhambra first impression right away.


I wasn’t going to start this one so soon because I hate waiting and it seems like on of those dramas you’d like to binge watch. Let’s get to it.


First things first. Greed. So this is what I gather from the 1st episode lol. And the main guy, Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) really has got an attitude. He comes across as quite insensitive and someone who doesn’t really care unless it’s his business. He’s very charismatic though and I know it’s only a few more episodes when we start seeing his kinder side.


Hyun Bin as Yoo Jin Woo



Yoo Jin Woo basically is very human. He’s been touching all this points about friendship, betrayal and wanting to get back or get even. He’s such an interesting character from what we’ve seen so far. He doesn’t shy away from expressing what he feels and how to express those. He was arrogant and self assured – but he’s got something any other person could relate to.


Park Shin Hye. I haven’t actually watched any of her dramas properly. My sister loves watching her and together with her, I’ve seen a few scenes of Pinnocchio, Heirs and Doctors. I loved her ranting in the 2nd episode. She was really good in that scene! lol.



And they’ve got this strange but really compelling chemistry that draws you in. It’s barely there yet but I am SO looking forward to this love story. It helps that our leading man isn’t so ordinary either. Twice divorced and so jaded, that makes for some interesting watch. It’s rare in Kdrama-land that you get a divorced, let alone a twice-divorced man as the leading man.



The AR side. Hmm not too convinced yet. The whole idea feels like such a major advancement though. It’s definitely one of the most unique plots out there. I mean this has never been done. Im liking the whole feel of the drama. I’m not into the romance bit and I’m actually happy if they focused more on the main plot. Let’s see because there’s much potential between the two of them.


AR in Memories of the Alhambra


Barcelona View


I’m kinda wishing this will all take place in Granada. It definitely set the tone of the drama. I feel like it’d feel totally different if they went back to Korea.



I felt so excited upon seeing Park Hae Soo! Such a nice surprise. Loved him in Wise Prison Life. And he’s a new actor!* So impressive.  So EXO Chanyeol is the key to everything here. Mystery, mystery. That’s what excites me.

*Right… So he actually isn’t a new actor. He’s been acting for about ten years now but safe to say that Wise Prison Life is his breakthrough drama!



A very welcome Park Hae Soo cameo


I hope they get to keep this mystery feel going throughout the drama though. It felt fast paced and slow paced att the same time. I felt tired with him when he had to keep going back and forth from the bar.

Chanyeol as Shin Hye's little brother


EXO Chanyeol as Jung Se Joo
EXO Chanyeol as Jung Se Joo


As I’m not a big fan of RPG games of that type, I don’t feel too excited with that bit. What I’m excited about though is how this is all going to turn out like. There’s so much possibility opened in that first episode. Inthe 1st episode But the rpg game bit bored me a bit. I don’t know if it’s my lack of imagination but I knew in my mind that thery’re actually real people playing in the game. It was a bit hard to convince myself that it’s an alternate reality game. I don’t know how to express that perfectly but when the programmers back in Korea were reacting to him, I was just going “uh huh”. 

The real action of it all starts at the 2nd episode for me. Everything definitely felt more intense.


Cha Hyung Seok v Yoo Jin Woo


But after all that introduction of the AR plot in the first episode, I’m more than ready to embrace the introduction to our characters. *sigh* EVERYTHING is so exciting at the moment and with the tag of SCI-FI in the genre, you can be sure to have me on board all the way! The last one, if not the very first, Sci-Fi genre I watched was Circle. That was so good! One of my top favourites Korean Dramas. With only 10 episodes long, it certainly kept the suspense and thrill all the way through. I’m getting the same vibe in Memories of the Alhambra so I cannot wait to see more.


That ost is such a mood maker! It really got me hooked by the end – it’s such a perfect song to wrap up the 1st episode.


Personal Comments:


The premiere of The Memories of the Alhambra was really good from the start to finish. I loved Hyun Bin’s mini narrative all the way through. They were short and introductory, just giving us a bit of background to each important scenes. He’s got the perfect voice for it and they were never disruptive or took away from the scenes. I came to dislike flashbacks, especially when it drags on unnecessarily long. In here they made it so that it never felt like you were missing out on what’s happening in the present. It made me completely immersed on that time line so that when we got back to the present, I was so invested on what was actually going on.


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never properly seen Park Shin Hye or Hyun Bin in a drama before, but they’re really proving to be great actors already. Watching this, I was just so impressed by their filming skills. It made me really think about the practicalities of it. They are out of their comfort zones and probably don’t have access to everything they would want, filming wise. But the scenes were stunning. Each angle felt like they were so well thought out. I was just amazed by the team behind this.


Memories of the Alhambra - Barcelone


And how the actors can be so fully immersed in their characters despite the surroundings. You could  actually see others staring at them. It must be so difficult to focus because of such different filming location.


Well done!


The first episodes of The Memories of The Alhambra really highlighted Granada’s stunning views and having been to Barcelona few days ago (I watched this hours before going to Barcelona – I mean what a coincidence!) it really made me more excited to go visit. You know that feeling of going somewhere you’ve just watched in the TV. I mean I’ve always seen Barcelona being featured but it’s just different when the actors you know actually go there and films in that place. And having seen how the place actually looks like in person – I was even more amazed at how they really captured the essence of Spain. It’s highlighted what you would expect to see when you go there and what you would actually see.. The parallels are amazing.


Memories of the Alhambra – in game

I looked at the airing dates. Last airing date is 20th of January next year. How can that feel so incredibly long 🙁 I want to watch it all in one go.


Realising this I remembered when I got back to watching Korean Dramas again after so long, that feeling of having the dramas you want to watch all readily available. Lined up after each one, ready to binge watch through them all. THERE’s just so many exciting dramas this year. With the many disappointing ones, I’m so happy we’ve got a stream of very good dramas to make up for them. And TVN is definitely winning this year. I just hope they keep their standards and don’t start waning. Or better yet, just carry on climbing higher with their quality dramas.



P.S. – You might be confused as to why I wrote next year – I watched the premiere episode before the year ended. But because of the ongoing reason of still having no broadband at home, I just managed to edit it at full length this week and upload it.


yes, still no wifi at home. 🤦‍♀️