What is Legal High?


Legal High is a Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese drama of the same name. The Korean drama is a comedic drama featuring a rookie lawyer, who has a passion for boxing though not necessarily good at it and a weird, money-loving monster lawyer who’s yet to lose a case. After losing a case involving a childhood classmate, she teamed up with Ko Tae Rim and works with him to find out the reason for his winning streak.


Legal High is one of those underrated, under the radar Kdramas that pass on a lot of people without noticing. I’ve actually seen quite a few trailers of it, thanks to Kdramakisses (link Kay’s blog). I wasn’t very taken by those but the trailers definitely had that old school style of comedy which seemed fun. I wasn’t too sure about the combination of boxing, lawyer, comedy and just a bunch of weirdness in the mix too. I thought it would be a pass for me however if there’s one thing that was holding my attention it would be the leads.


Jin Goo is famed for starring in the hit Descendants of The Sun and has gone on to star in more dramas after that. Shin Eun Soo, who I’ve first seen in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim I was very fond of. I proceeded to watch her in more dramas such as Duel and somewhere else? I can’t remember at the moment. She would always play the supporting role and her being chosen as the lead piqued my interest. I thought she and Yang Se Jong had a cute chemistry and it also seemed that they never get the chance to explore that. Off topic but needed to be mentioned.



Anyway. I was looking for something fun to watch on the side. I think I was watching Hand: The Guest in the midst of this. And because that was really scary/creepy I wanted something to distract myself afterwards. But thank goodness, little did I know I’ll be getting more than a simple distraction.


Those two episodes really caught my attention and they were honestly a lot more enjoyable, simple but solidly well made than I expected. A lot more than the more popular dramas nowadays. Maybe it’s because it’s being remade from a Japanese drama but the show’s format is different compared to other Kdramas and in a good way. It was refreshing and although there’s nothing extremely standing out, it was the overall vibe that I liked coupled with the unexpected flow of events, that came on a wonderful pacing.


I found myself enjoying it and looking forward to more.





I heard that the Japanese version didn’t have romance at all and that was one of the main selling points of the drama? So ofcourse for the same reason, others who watched that version are wanting the same thing and are not expecting a romance between the leads. Lucky for me because I haven’t watched the Japanese version. And at the moment, I honestly am not expecting romance but I’m not against it either.


For me, it doesn’t matter whether or not it has it so long as it blends nicely with the storyline and actually improves it rather than taking away from the whole thing. I don’t see why others are so against love lines in dramas these days. I’m only against it if it ruins the story but being against it just for the sake of it? Without seeing how the drama actually plays out first? I don’t get it.




Okay so that’s my mini rant over. How about you guys? Have you seen the original one? And if so, will you be against it if they chose to have a romance angle on this one? And what’s your general take on adding love line to dramas which isn’t romance in theme at the first place?


So back on the first impression,


Shin Eun Soo is quite surprising on this role. She seems to have ‘got’ her character in check and she’s so fun to watch. I can honestly already say that I don’t see anyone else playing this role apart from her. Don’t you get amazed at casting directors at times? How they manage to get actors spot on their roles. I mean, the first time I heard about them two together it sounded really random and out of the blue but now I’m just amazed and quite relieved it’s them two together.


And Jin Goo, is funny and his character is funny. I’m looking forward to more of his monologues. I don’t believe he’s a shallow person and we might get surprised at what’s lying beneath that fun, quirky and shallow ‘façade’.


Annndddd – Lee Soon Jae – veteran actor Lee Soon Jae as Jin Goo’s side kick. He’s all sorts of fun! This drama is proving to be a wonderful surprise, and that’s only talking about the casting. It really highlights how important it is to get the right actors in the right roles, not necessarily a great actor. It shows how much it brings the characters to life with the right person.


We’ve also got Yoon Park – who is, or was, Ko Tae Rim’s mentee for six months. He disappeared months ago and the reason why is still unknown. Not sure how things are going to play out with him but I just generally like Yoon Park (he’s wonderful in Age of Youth, Introverted Boss and Radio Romance).


To Watch or not to Watch?




A big TO WATCH. Thank you to those people that commented how good this actually is despite it being underrated and amongst other people’s prejudices. It’s harder nowadays to find a hidden gem to watch (according to me) but I’m in love with this show already. I sort of just want to keep this to myself to just quietly admire how fun and simple it is. Sometimes we just need a good, basic drama that does simple things right. And what a revelation the two leads are.


So, if you want to see something unique, head on over to this one. It’s wonderfully underrated and honestly with a lot of us popping out to leave a, often than not, too harsh review, let yourself just relax and just watch something. This drama is honestly doing just that for me and it’s been a long time since I had drama experience of that kind.


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