Shamanism and Exorcism Hand: The Guest First Impression

Hand: The Guest First Impression


My Hand: the Guest first impression today


I am finally catching up to  my list of dramas to watch (which are all from last year 😭, I feel like we had a slew of not so amazing dramas in the first half of the year last year and then suddenly bombarded with dramas all seem like worth watching. Honestly never had this experience before lol. So for today it is my Hand: The Guest First Impression.


Undoubtedly, last year started the new trend of exorcism/priest/supernatural in the world of Kdramas and I got excited. It’s totally right up my street. I get scared really easily but at the same time I still like watching them. I grew up watching scary/horror shows and so I’m really familiar with the setup of them. BUT. I hate watching something on the topic of dark forces or supernatural. Where it feels too realistic. Just too scary.


So I was a bit iffy starting this because of that reason but my curiosity got the better of me. I am also watching it alone and in the dark in my room. So yes, talk about the perfect set up!


  • SCARY – I must say the first two episodes really delivered the fright, fear, hiding under the blankets scared kind of feelings. I had to have a pillow propped beneath my back so I could feel an extra support.
  • I hate watching something brutal or too graphic so I really mustered up the courage to watch through those first scenes. I’m glad I did because I got to see it’s not all that bad. It was really scary yes, but nothing too overly graphic or gravely insinuated that would make me not carry on watching. But this really isn’t for the faint hearted.


Hand: The Guest First Impression  minor spoilers below

The Casts

  • Who else gets reminded of Park Yoo Chun upon seeing Kim Dong Wook here? Throughout those episodes Im just reminded of him so much!
  • At the moment, I find the police woman a bit too annoying for my liking. The amount of times she kept saying ‘Hey’.
  • I was excited to see Park Ho San. What a difference from My Ahjussi! He actually looked so cool.  I didn’t know he could pull off that kinda look.
  • The cast so far, especially the supporting ones are actors I’ve seen from plenty different dramas. It’s nice to see them all here and because they are familiar, it’s very easy to like them.
  • One of the reasons why I wanted to watch this apart from the premise was because of Kim Jae Wook. I thought it an odd choice for him to accept a role as a priest but I can see why now. The way he stands, his brooding expression and the way he talks is captivating. Just perfect for this type of mood.


The drama/layout

  • A bit sketchy with the writing especially with the mains’ at the moment. It’s not as smooth as you’d expect.
  • Although – I feel like that’s a tactic. There seem to be quite a bit to uncover and unpeel as we go through each episodes so really that’s not something I can solidly talk about.
  • The story is really interesting though and I can’t wait to see how they’re incorporate everything – exorcising, supernatural powers etc.
  • interesting premise



This has got to be one of the shortest first Impressions Ive done but you’ve really got to see it to really ‘be able to comprehend how scary those two episodes were. Although I knew it’s a supernatural/dark Kdrama, it really gave off those horror movie type of feel to it and if they manage to up the ante or maintain that, it will surely be a hell of a ride.


I’m not going to go to the small details because I feel like there’s not much more I could say about it apart from that it was really scary and CREEPY.



What I’m most looking forward to:


  • I’m looking forward to seeing the three of them together. It sure is an interesting combination of people – a priest, an ex-psychic and a police officer. It’s super duper scary though and I’m quite impressed with myself for watching through those episodes alone at night, in my room, in the dark. I really made it a point to  make sure I can watch through all of that – though there’s definitely quite a few pauses here and there just to prepare myself and lowering of the volume too.


  • Development of the main characters relationship.

How theyll manage to save each other. Everything is still ambiguous at the moment so really not sure where this would go yet. Especially with finding out who Park Il Do is. Also the reason behind Hyun Wa Pyung’s visions and overpowering and scary strength. It really is an interesting mix up of people but I can’t wait to see them working together and how this dynamic will play out.


And that’s it for my  Hand: The Guest First Impression. I’m not quite used to writing something so short but I felt like that’s all I needed to say. I’m excited to see the next episodes and this is giving me movie vibes – but 16 hours long. Hoping they can maintain that throughout and we get a satisfying reasons behind all the questions so far.

I’m happy to slowly checking out the rest of the dramas I have on my list for last year – there’s sure quite a handful and considering the lineup we have this year, there’ll be so much to catch up on! Meanwhile – here’s my year in review for last year’s Korean drama watch. Thanks for reading!



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