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New historical Haechi Korean drama airing now

Haechi Korean Drama First Impression



Well, talk about being pleasantly surprised and being left with a great first impression! This premiere totally got me wanting to tune in to this every week. Haechi Korean drama is a historical drama factually based on the Joseon era – about a lowly prince who couldn’t become king and a group of people who’d help him get the throne.


I loved it. I usually do not like historicals that focuses too much on politics. This one had that kind of feel to it first minutes i n. Glad to say it went better though and the variety of personalities in it was fun to watch. And it’s only the 1st episode. I’m loving our main leads too. I’m extra excited to see Jung Il Woo too. His character somehow reminds me of  him in Moon that Embraces the Sun, don’t you think?


And also excited to see Go Ara! First watched her in Miss Hammurabi and I enjoyed it so much.  Also really excited to see the comical man. I have seen him in Let’s Fight Ghost. Such a talented actor.


That crazy prince Moong Pil though. I’m getting The Guest vibes from him lol. Hand: The Guest SPOILERS (highlight to see) – he reminds me of Park Hong Joo with his uncontrollable temper.

Haechi – a legendary animal that judges                                good and evil.

Wow – what a superb pilot episode! By the second episode I could almost feel goosebumps on my skin. It was that feeling when you witness a drama go after peak after peak of . It made me feel excited and I was just quietly cheering on my seat. I’m so excited for this! Bring on the next episodes. What a comeback for Jung Il Woo and the rest of the casts.


Haechi Korean drama based on historical facts and I really love how they introduced us to the different political parties involved. I also really appreciated the fact that they included meanings of words/phrases that usual dramas would expect us to understand. There’s a lot of things that was going on and I can see myself re-watching the first two episodes. There were so many veteran characters too – stellar acting already.


Haechi Korean drama’s first episodes set up the base for the drama. It introduced as to the context of the Joseon era – the political parties involved which is divided into two, simply the Norons and the Sorons. Haechi, a mythical animal, is the symbol the Saheonbu (Prosecution Office in the Joseon era) use.


The feels  – the camera angles, the filter and the background music adds a sensational feeling to the drama. It’s like they’re gearing us up for high quality historical content and we’ve definitely been on a drought of those for a while. This, this is what we’ve been lacking on for so long. Not just a fantastical plot but actually a solid story you want to follow on.


Most especially, I am loving the characters already. They all have their own personalities and that was so visible. It’s very easy to like them and I like how they come across as multifaceted and not just plain and with a cardboard personality. I’m so looking forward to the next episode. The way the drama eased us in and introduced the context and background of the story sets itself up for the rest to come. I can’t wait to watch more to find out more about the characters, I’m so interested with them already.



Haechi First Impression: The characters


Go Ara 


I’ve heard quite a lot of love or hate when Go Ara’s name is mentioned. I’ve seen her in Miss Hammurabi and I think she did great in that character. I haven’t seen her in other dramas though so I wouldn’t know. But she’s started off okay for me and nothing that would stand out in a wrong way. Her character, Yeo Ji is a female inspector who is a tough and fearless inspector. She’s unafraid to do what it takes to bring justice and solve crimes – even i f it puts her in obvious danger. She’s also quite carefree – she minds her own business and doesn’t get affected by others easily.


Kwon Yool – Park Mon Soo 



I was so excited when I first heard about this drama and found out he’s also starring here! Even more so when it turned out he’s not a villain for a change! Minor spoilers (*I I loved him in Let’s Fight Ghost as the villain. He ha this stare and aura about him that draws people in regardless of the fact that he was playing a villain. I was just so impressed by him in that series and though it was a long time ago, I can still clearly remember him. He made his mark and if that isn’t a mark of being a great actor, what else is?) Anyways he’s got to be my favourite character at the moment. He really completes and rounds everyone together. He’s quirky, nosy and a thirst for justice combined together makes for such a fun character I can’t help but look forward to. He comes across as someone not so bright but he definitely has something in him that’s just waiting to come out. I hope they keep up that blooming bromance with Prince Yeoning – so cute!


Definitely a mischievous but upright character. He just makes the atmosphere more fun and light.


Jung Il Woo 


                                     Jung Il Woo as Prince Yeoning/ Yi Geum in Haechi Korean drama


hHaechi Korean drama is his first project straight after his return from military! Is it just me or does his voice seem deeper at times? As I’ve mentioned, he really reminds me of his character in Moon Embracing The Sun – what with being the outcast in the royal family. But, I have to mention how good-looking he is though 🙈🙈🙈.

Though his character can easily fool us into thinking he’s carefree and doesn’t have a care in the world about other business, the facade he wears disappears and the real Prince slips out at times. We see the beginning of a Prince who himself, know is over qualified but can’t do anything about it. I really loved his confrontation with the King. Born to a peasant and lowly mother, neither a commoner nor a royal, Prince Yeoning showed that he is his own individual person with hopes and dreams. We have someone who could have had it all but is limited by society’s standards and expectations. His stance and the affliction and the smothering restraints of his situation rings similar to what we all have gone through in different situations in our lives. This really makes me root for him and I’m so excited to see what’s ahead of the journey.


Lee Pil Mo – Han Jeong Seok



a very upright investigator ruled by his sense of justice. A man who works for the people unlike every other noble men controlled by greed. He’s the representation of the hope that there’s still good in the world and I love how impassioned his speech was at the Supreme courts of justice.


Park Hoon

Park Hoon

your usual dark, broody fighter. A man willing to do dirty but is innately good inside. He’s really mysterious for now and have yet to meet the rest of the crew but if his actions are to go by, we’ve got one more alliance.A very skilled person who ‘s also very clever and knows how to get his way around. I had a nagging feeling he was the guy playing as Cha Hyeung Seok in Memories of the Alhambra – and he was! He’s a world away from his character there and he looked like a completely different person.


Jung Moon Sung – Prince Pil Moong/ Yi Tan


Prince Pil Moong


Simply an evil person. But what a great performance by the actor. His stupidity was convincing, along with his versatility of coming across as a remorseless brute. Pil Moong is someone who most certainly needs better anger management. Protected by his role as a prince, he is basically a child out for trouble who gets his way out of things through violence. He seems like a character who has no other qualities to him apart from his brutality. Definitely a mad man.



Haechi Korean drama a brewing romance

I’m totally happy without a romance arc but I felt like there would be something in there along the line – Prince Yeoning x Yeo Ji. What do you guys think?


Overall, I’m really really impressed and looking forward to this drama. I’m getting my hopes up already! It seems like we’re finally getting a decent and proper historical drama. I’m also happy I watched it now than later. I feel like I’m going to be greatly influenced by other people’s comments if I didn’t watch this now. So if you love historicals – Haechi Korean drama is definitely worth checking out. I’m so excited for the next episodes. Or if you’re just looking for a promising story with amazing, veteran casts – this is it right here!


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