Beauty Inside First Impression

Beauty Inside – First Impression

It’s now time again for another first impression – this time it’s Beauty Inside. I’ve recently finished watching Familiar WifeI’ve been stuck in a rut again and gave been looking for something to watch. I’m also currently watching 100 Days My Prince, which I am also enjoying. But I was looking for something to binge watch. There are loads of dramas completed already, somehow, they don’t interest me as much as they did before they started airing.


Does that happen to you as well?


So in lack of finding something to watch – I’ve decided to start another currently airing drama instead, one that aired just this week. And that is Beauty Inside.


Beauty Inside is a drama adaptation of the Korean film with the same name. I actually did watch that film- starring Han Hyo Joo and a bunch of other actors. I can’t tell you who the real main male character is because I never got to finish it. I fell asleep before it ended. Now, that was because it was late at night and I was really sleepy. It didn’t help being in bed whilst watching it with my sister.


It doesn’t mean the story is bad though. In the film, it was the male character who changes appearance, every night, when he falls asleep. Han Hyo Joo is the lady who works at a furniture shop? The film was steady in its pacing – nothing too dramatic or too overbearing to watch. Its main thing was really just to show the male lead – from different appearances – drawn to Hyo Joo. And as the days went by, despite him appearing differently everyday, she’s grown to notice people admiring her from a distance.



This was highly recommended and although there really was nothing wrong with it, there was nothing for me, really special that stood out or made me recommend it to others. I didn’t have a desire to finish it either. It was pretty predictable. Just my own personal opinion. So, when this Beauty Inside adaptation came out, I wasn’t very interested.


But having watched the first episode, I can say that I’ll be tuning in to this. I wasn’t expecting much and this isn’t really my type of drama – there were some cliched scenes in there that really doesn’t surprise me anymore. I thought I wouldn’t like it. With what I’ve seen so far though, this Beauty Inside drama adaptation may well turn out to be a good drama if they keep this up or elevate it further.


Seo Hyun Jin is really doing well with her character. I loved her in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and her role her in Beauty Inside definitely suit her. She’s just stunning in that gown. I’m loving her fashionista celeb style.





And what a coincidence that I’ve seen Lee Min Ki in another role only a few days ago, in the film Spellbound. I’m not quite sure yet of their chemistry but towards the end, I think I’m sold.


It’s nice to see Lee Da Hee again. I’ve seen her in Secret recently too and I really enjoyed her there. Her cheeks seemed to have filled out – she looks really pretty! She definitely looks like a barbie doll – and that flight attendant outfit really complements her looks. And it’s a reunion project for her and Moon Ji In who’s starred in Secret too.


Entertainment Industry is such a small world. I didn’t realise how much I recognise these people and from which projects until I’ve started writing.


Ahn Jae Hyun is soo cute with that hairstyle. I’ve read that he also gained 10kg for this drama – it really suit him. He looks sooo cute and pretty handsome.


I’m loving the OSTs as well. It’s giving me such a relaxed vibe. I enjoyed that first episode and looking forward to the next.


To read more of my thoughts – Read down below. SPOILERS AHEAD.

THINGS I LIKED – The Beauty Inside

The Characters

Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin) 

I’m really liking her character so far. Especially her wardrobe. She looks gorgeous in anything she wore in this first episode. They need to be mentioned. lol. I liked that scene in the hospital – that mini historical drama appearance. She acted so well there so now it’s giving me ideas on which type of drama I’d like to see her in next.


It’s only the first episode but she already delivered. There were some quite important scenes in here already that’s supposed to make us the viewers, sympathise with Se Gye. It’s in these moments that I really felt for her. The plot may be fantastical and so not real – but it’s that sympathy that we all need sometimes that got me.


May I just mention Kim Ki Doo as well? I think he did GREAT in that hospital scene. He was a really convincingly annoying jerk. I was so happy when Se Gye started hitting him with the oranges. He’s very versatile. I’m watching him currently in 100 Days My Prince and he’s really different in both. I know the characters are different but his portrayals are on point. He becomes that character as soon as he starts acting. It’s great to see.


Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki)

For the most part of the first episode – not much can really be said yet. His character is your typical cold and aloof rich CEO. We see this all the time and I felt uninterested at first partly because of this. Towards the end though, he’s starting to redeem himself more. I liked how he’s covered her with blanket right away and he’s starting to appear softer – Se Gye is starting to break into his walls. I just felt he’s a bit of a dick for leaving her alone in that dark street.


I know it’s well lit and he did come back to her. I just felt it was wrong to do that.


I LOVED this scene too. I guess I’m a sucker for emotional, heart breaking scenes:



Beauty Inside – The Osts

I can’t help but comment on the ost already. I think they’ve played only two at the moment because duh, it’s only the first episode. But they were really nice to listen to and set a mood to the scenes they were played in.


This one is currently my favourite one already and it’s not even released yet. Whilst watching this and this OST playing in the background, it captured the scenes sooooo perfectly. It’s like the perfect OST to accompany those scenes. I’m so pleasantly surprised to find out it’s Wendy from Red Velvet who sings the OST! I feel proud lol.

That melodramatic ost plus these upbeat, chilled out ones really balanced everything out. When these ones played, it took away from the seriousness of everything and gives off a cosy vibe. When Wendy’s one played, you could feel your heart really sympathising with Se Gye and your heart break for her too. PERFECT.



The story

A lot of people might be divided (for the ones who watched the film) that they decided it was the girl who changes in appearance instead of the guy. For me, I am actually liking it. I think it helps that Seo Hyun Jin is proving to be a dimensional actress. I’m excited to see where this story is heading. There’s a lot of possibilities. One more thing they added is that Seo Do Jae has prosopagnasia, the inability to recognise faces.

Hmm.. I think it was because you were talking about her in FRONT of her :S


Hmm, what’s with prosopagnasia lately? Kim Seon Ho’s character in 100 Days My Prince has the same problem too.

Overall Comments

Soooo overall, I’m really happy that Beauty Inside seem to be a good watch. I don’t want another disappointment. There’s quite a few I’ve started which went differently from how I thought, and not in a good way. That’s why it’s nice to see it the other way around. One of my issues was how were they going to handle it now it’s so much longer? I really hope it won’t drag – that’s like one of the worst things that can happen to a drama. I have faith though since they seem to have us covered, judging from the first episode.


Beauty Inside Korean Drama


Ofcourse you can’t and shouldn’t really expect much from only the first episodes. There’s a lot of other dramas out there that didn’t start off that attention grabbing *cough cough (My Ahjussi – THE best drama. I was rewatching clips again yesterday 🙁 ) but ended up great or dramas that ended up otherwise.


I’m hoping this drama will be worth it until the end.


I’m sorry for such a long, photo-heavy laden post. I just want to include everything. And once I do, I don’t know when to stop. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re still undecided about this, I really do recommend it! GO FOR IT. I’m happy to find it’s not all light but it knows when to treat itself seriously.


Now, I’m off to watch the second episode.