Dropped Dramas… so far

Dropped Dramas – I


My very first write up for my dropped dramas section. Hopefully there won’t be loads of this! My reviews for 100 Days My Prince and one Chinese drama is up and coming, just needs a bit of polishing. For now though I’ll do something different. One I’ve got on my to do list in such a long time. It’s the Korean Dramas I’ve dropped. Sadly, there’s quite a lot but Ill sneak in only a few in here and of course the reason why I chose to not watch them anymore.


It’s actually a bit annoying when I think about it. When I watch a drama – I really, really want to finish them because I hate spending my time to just end up not finishing the story. After watching loads of dramas though, I guess it’s just inevitable.


Here it comes:


Terius Behind Me


Dropped Dramas - 1st Terius Behind Me

Now, I’m really disappointed about this one.Along with many others, this was one of the dramas I’ve really anticipated the most, especially because So Ji Sub’s in it. This is a spy story with an unusual love story. The love interest includes a mother with twins who’s recently lost her husband through suspected heart attack. But it was all because he’s witnessed something he shouldn’t have. I must have got up to about the fourth episode and I know, you should watch more to know how the story would progress. That’s what I usually do and would recommend others but I couldn’t carry on with this one.


It had its potential but it turned out to be focused on something else entirely. It’s a mix of comedy, romance and action but watching those few episodes really isn’t proving to be worth it. I think it’s trying to do a lot of things but our main focus – the spy and the action – seemed to have been lost. The acting especially from the spy department felt very unnatural and unconvincing. I just wasn’t in it. The way they chose to do the timeline of the story and the death of the husband didn’t sit well with me. You’ll know if you watch it.


But yeah, I feel like there’s definitely better dramas out there to spend my time on. Just a shame because I thought this would be a good drama to show more of So Ji Sub’s cool charisma. I guess if youwant to see So Ji Sub interact with kids and see the fun antics and bond they create – you might like it. It was really cute. For me, however I feel like I went in to something completely different to what I was expected to get. For now, I’ll put it on hold and who knows, I might pick it up again later.



Again, one of the ones I’ve been anticipating this year. I was so EXCITED because of the leads. It seemed like the perfect combination – Lee Dong Wook, Cho Seung Woo and Won Jin Ah. Lee Dong Wook – well everyone likes him right? Cho Seung Woo was someone I really wanted to see – I heard great things about him from Secret Forest. And Won Jin Ah won me over in Just Between Lovers. No pun intended. 😛


Lee Dong Wook in Life

This was written by the writer from Secret Forest so is a reunion project for both her and Cho Seung Woo. I tried watching Secret Forest but unfortunately, it wasn’t my type of drama so I also decided not to watch it. I thought I would like this drama however, because of it’s hospital setting and the main leads and promising league of actors.


Four episodes in and again, it just isn’t my type of drama. I thought I was getting a drama about the political stuff in a hospital setting – operations and patient drama included. This isn’t the case because this drama focuses more on the political side of the doctors and the higher ups in the hospital. The medical setting is merely a backdrop for this drama and like Secret Forest, it is one crime focused heavy.


This had great reactions and a few mixed feedbacks to it. The drama seemed to have progressed well for those who carried on watching it and I really did want to watch it in its entirety. For now though, I’lll have to drop it. Hopefully I will be in the right mood later to finish this and appreciate how good it must be.


Lovely Horribly


Lovely Horribly next in Dropped Dramas

Now – this premise was just MY type of drama. I like a bit of horror/mystery coupled with romance. The story in paper sounded so great but it was the execution that let this down. This remained flat all the way to the middle. It was also really light and comedic and definitely didn’t take itself seriously despite the really serious stuff going on inside. This didn’t go down very smoothly. I loved that animated bit they had at the start of each episode though. Everything looked quite pretty but if the main story is not working – that doesn’t really do much to help the story.


There was nothing in particular that was really attention catching. I would watch this at night time but I just felt so bored. Nothing really happened to make me want to watch more. Didn’t feel the chemistry between the leads as well.


Reading reviews/comments, I feel like I didn’t miss too much 🙁


Radio Romance

This was a cute story but sadly there wasn’t much there plot wise that was moving the story along for me. I actually liked the first few episodes very much because the scenes were exciting. Everyone was so likable too. I like Yoon Do Joon and Kim So Hyun, despite the age gap, they managed to present a good chemistry. Just can’t help but think at times whilst watching that Kim So Hyun is still so young, sometimes too young to portray this character.


Radio Romance Korean Drama

I enjoyed the first half of it and as it was filmed in winter and I watched it in winter too – it was a great watch to accompany you staying cozy with a really warm blanket on. The thing with it though – I just didn’t care much about it towards the other half because of the way it was going. I knew they were going to be fine together and get their happy ending together so I wasn’t really worried. With that though – I found myself just switching to other dramas.


I still do recommend it though. I feel like a lot of people would like it and the actors really did a great job with their characters. Nothing really wrong with it, just one of your light, stress free dramas. Perfect for a night cap and for those late winter nights!


That’s it for my dropped dramas tonight! What were the dramas you were really, really excited for but sadly ended up dropping? Or are there dramas from above you really loved? Let me know which ones you dropped and which ones you loved.