Kdrama Online (Korean Drama 2019)

Kdrama online and K-pop are both extremely popular in the lively South Korean entertainment industry, but there is a clear leader. Welcome to my world of Kdrama online.

The young man sits alone in a bar whiskey, ice cubes hit the side of the glass as he looks forward ruthlessly. We cut a slightly older woman with a cellphone in her ear on a busy street. She seems to be weighing heavily on her mind. The soundtrack plays the real love song. “The saddest man is his friend’s brother on the phone,” said producer Ma Jeong Hoon. “They started to like each other. But parents say they do not want to get married.

Something in the rain (or Pretty Sister Who Me Me, which is also known in Korea) is the most popular Korean TV movie. It tells the story of a 30-year-old woman who gives love – until she falls in love with her closest friend’s brother.

Korean dramas are important to video streaming, such as Hulu and Netflix. Currently, broadcasting titles can not be used and quickly loaded in response to English-speaking audiences.

The question people are curious about is, why watch Kdrama online and K-Pop are so popular around the world?

The Korean entertainment industry is booming now. The global audience for Korean and Korean television is spreading throughout Asia and spreading throughout Europe and North America. Korea’s cultural popularity has been dubbed “Hallyu,” meaning Korean Wave, and means the way Korean entertainment is spreading around the world.

Why is there a Korean wave now?

There are many reasons why Korean dramas are not Korean.

Here are some common reasons why people become fans of K-drama:

  • Eye candy – The actor is very charming. There is a reason to have a scene. “Shower” and “Stairway to heaven korean drama” on Korean List
  • Cultural Appeal – It’s about education (really!) Watching foreign plays allows you to get information about a different culture without having to bother with boring schoolwork. You learn about different social norms by keeping track of your character’s daily life. Watch a Korean drama and you will understand that the shoes were taken out to the door without anyone wanting to tell you.
  • K-Dramas – Most of the movies are rated as # 1 and are very clean compared to American movies and TV. Non-violent language is rare, minimal violence, and love scenes are not always progressing in the kiss. In fact, seeing French kisses in Korean dramas is good news. Some scenes will affect the audience even more when the show is not flooded.

Why You Should Watch Korean Dramas!

kdrama online

Okay. Id like to say I was inspired by many bloggers/reviewers I’ve come across here on the internet. I’ve been meaning to do my own kind of blog for such a long time. I watch korean drama 2018 using Netflix. When I read other people’s reviews, especially with the ones I’ve watched and loved before, I feel a sense of excitement whenever I see their reviews are similar to my thoughts.

Finally though, it was stairway to heaven korean drama that’s done it for me. That drama was going to be like one of any dramas you watch to keep your mind off things. A kind of escape. I found that in My Ahjussi and more. It was an escape and a company at the same time. I’ve never felt more understood and less alone than when I was watching it. It touches on subjects never really touched upon, focused on people many dramas shy upon exploring.

Watch Korean Drama 2018

With the feeling of excitement, I went and did things I haven’t done because of a drama before. I signed up and joined a forum conversation. Read tweets and tweets. Got on tumblr — one platform I never thought Id be in. I also got back to one of my hobbies – art. For the first time in sooooo long, I felt motivated to pick up my pencils again. I’m by no means at all, good at art. It used to be one of my hobbies and something that I really enjoyed. With My Mister however, it just came naturally. I did it because I wanted to. What a load of difference that made. I did all that because I was trying to find people who share the same ideas/thoughts I do about the drama. Months on after it ended and obviously the number of thoughts/subject discussions about it has dwindled, I being myself have been one of those people who’s still so into it.

And so I looked for more reviews. Then more. And more and more. It’s nice to see other people’s perspective of it but I had mine too. No one really have the exact same opinions. AND so the beginning of this blog. I LOVE reading reviews of other people. I love to hear their genuine thoughts about something. If I think that, surely there’ll be other people who think the same? Especially on subjects that not so many people touch on. I want to be one of those.

K-dramas are no stranger to me. I’ve watched them ever since I was verrryyy young. Dub and all. Good thing we went on to watching them with subs instead. Looking back now, they can be quite cringy lol. This will be my page and I decided, as stated in my first post, to have everything. The variety. Id like to be as genuine as could be and share what I really think.

A bit about me:

I basically grew up watching Kdrama online. My very first korean drama was ‘Full House‘ by Rain and Song Hye Kyo. The ending scene is something I remember vividly. Because at that time, internet wasn’t available so  you watch whatever’s given to you. I actually started with the pretty heavy dramas such as Stairway to Heaven and Endless Love. OH. And Lavender. That was a Taiwanese drama. (I still remember those tiny glass flower bottle necklaces back then, everyone at school had them! And Leo. And the OST)

I used to watch them at home but I now watch korean drama 2018 online. They were very heavy considering I was so young back then. Looking back now, I probably wouldn’t have watched some of them just because they were too depressing. At the same time though, something just draws you to them and you just find you keep watching until you finish it. They draw you in and suddenly you’re in a different world. Fast forward to now and theyre still definitely my favourite ones to watch when you want to unwind and relax – if you don’t watch the heavy ones.


Stairway to heaven korean drama

I honestly don’t know what I should be writing on my first page. BUT, if you made it as far as to here, these are some of the things I have planned in mind (apart from your regular drama reviews):

korean drama

  • My Unfinished Dramas – there’s quite a lot! This will be a different section from Dropped Dramas. Confusing I know but you’ll understand what I mean!
  • Dropped Dramas — fortunately not a lot. As far as I remember anyway.
  • My end-of-year drama review – dating back to as far back as I can think of.
  • Recaps?/Thoughts on currently watching drama – I just forget what I think of a certain episode right at that moment. It’s amazing to see what I’ve written right after watching that drama episode.

With that being said, Id like to also say that this won’t be strictly korean dramas. I watch other Asian dramas too (Chinese/Taiwanese dramas). Ive heard about Lakorn? (Thai Dramas) but I’ve never seen one. Actually, I think there was one. I didn’t get to finish it though… Maybe one day I will get into it.

Honestly, how you watch kdrama online really depends on what mood you’re in as well. I have watched (or tried to) dramas but didn’t continue because it didn’t feel right with me. I’m also one of those who tend to appreciate the more underrated shows. I like to watch Korean drama without reading comments, at least when I am in the middle of it. And when I love a show it stays with me for a long time:

Some of my favourite ones:

  • Kill Me Heal Me
  • Stairway to heaven korean drama
  • Cunning Single Lady
  • Taiwanese drama ‘They Kiss Again’
  • Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds
  • Fated to Love You
  • Circle: Two Worlds Connected
  • They Kiss Again/ISWAK 2

I like watching korean dramas – add Chinese/Taiwanese and Japanese drama to that too. So with a looot of dramas to keep track on, I decided I’ll keep a log of them here and share my thoughts on them as I go along watching or after completing the series. With so many people now who watch korean drama 2018 and reviews them, this will be super casual and Ill put in what I honestly feel.